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Since adding a LHH presence for 2020 is appearing to be a major focus ... probably deserves its own forum as we debate FA, trades, internal options.

Cassavell suggests the FA possibilities of Markakis or Dickerson. I will throw in a potential super utility type (2B//LF) ... Brock Holt. Not a starter but versatile ... carries a 2019 vs. RHP of .397 OBP / .461 SLG and would come with playoff experience. Given Boston's payroll issues and the new GM ... might not pursue resigning him.

Keeping on the Boston focus ... maybe a deal for Jackie Bradley (as a platoon with Margot) .... he has the defense and only has one more control year prior to FA (Boston would have to eat some of his salary ... or take a bad contract back ... since his current $8.6MM is well over his value). His 2019 line vs. RHP is .320 OBP / .452 SLG .... way better than Margot vs. RHP. (side: don't think Benetendi is in play with with 1 year control of Bradley and only 2 years of Betts ... who will go FA).


My vote is to stand pat.  Jankowski & Cordero being hurt to start season in 2019 REALLY negatively impacted LH active roster balance.  Jankowski & Martini are both stopgaps who are unlikely to be around after 2020, but both could fill valuable (different) roles next year.  If Jankowski could have a good, healthy ST, REALLY think a platoon of he & Margot leading off could catalyze the lineup, esp vs RHP.  Martini looks like a good pinch hitter, matchup starter, 5th OF ceiling depth type who can also be stashed at AAA.

Pads already have 3 LH OF with power (2 CF "capable" or better) at or on the doorstep of MLB:  Naylor, Cordero, & Trammell.  But all 3 even Naylor need/would benefit from "finishing school" in AAA (AA for Trammell who needs 1-2 dominant months there before a promotion to AAA, let alone MLB).   IMO, the roster is ideally structured right now to "transition" to these 3 & see what they can do in MLB later in 2020.

Don't forget the issues this year were largely due to fact that there was simply no LH OF available AND Reyes was here; we were rotating 4 RH OF... the mix is guaranteed to be different & more matchup favorable to Pads in 2020.  Unless Pads are adding an established stud everyday LH OF, I don't think it makes sense to spend limited resources on the position when there's already so many internal options.   The trade of Reyes for Trammell largely addressed the RH/LH imbalance.


I have no problem standing pat ... but that to me means standing pat on the entire roster and just gambling on the future (beyond 2020) while passing on 2020 contention.

Padres have a below average OF contingent and relying on Jankowski, Cordero, Martini, and Naylor to all (even on a platoon basis) move that to playoff quality is just a long shot. They may be “serviceable” but hard to see them as impactful (except maybe Naylor IF he develops).

Trammel MAY be the future but his 2019 suggests a lot of development is needed ... not looking as though he is a 2020 playoff level OF .... 2021?

Of course on the flip side, not sure there is much out there to add as a LHH and, would not “overpay” just to get one. Not going to be easy for Preller to work this but do expect him to move on a filler (one year type) to allow Cordero to actually play some in AAA after virtually not playing for 2 years. Jankowski v. Martini may be an odd man out call. Naylor is the real issue ... and how much the Padres really like his future bat (still quite young).


Another potential target given WASH and its ongoing inability to play up to their presumed talent .... Adam Eaton (LHH RF) who can hit and get on-base. IF WASH loses Rendon via FA ... lets Zimmerman go ... a number of other pricy players are going FA they will have both holes to fill and payroll flexibility. They MIGHT opt for some younger talent (catcher, 1B, 3B, RP) and move on from the 30ish Eaton.

If you take that to what may be an illogical conclusion .... a deal surrounding Eaton - Myers plus others might actually clear some payroll at the expense of numerous non-blue chip prospects / current players.

I really don’t understand why this forum seems to be so down on the outfield situation. This current outfield can definitely be the outfield of a playoff team. Look at the Cards. I would take the Padres outfield over the Cardinals in a heartbeat. The teams with better outfields in the NL all have young stars roaming the outfield. Acuna, Yelich, Soto and Bellinger. Those guys are hard to find. Hopefully Trammell or another young guy can develop into a Star but if you take Acuna off the Braves or Soto off the Nats you have outfields that are mixing and matching based on matchups. Quite frankly the Padres depth in the outfield seems much better to me than most teams.  The dodgers are a top team and they don’t let Jocstrap face lefties but  still use him in ways that make him valuable. I really like Adam Eaton as a player(he has been knocked as a poor teammate) and wouldn’t mind seeing him on the Pads, but is he really that big of an upgrade to make the team a playoff outfield?

Brian, I haven’t heard or read  it anywhere, but I think Janks time with the team is running out. It certainly appears that way. I expect him to get dealt this offseason.

One other thing to remember, the Dodgers viewed Bellinger as a platoon guy until this year when he broke out and became a star. AJ has done a magnificent job of acquiring talent and I think a few of “his guys” will pan out in a big way. If not and Naylor just hits righties well and Renfroe just hits lefties well then they form a nice right field platoon in 2020.  I think that would be a platoon most teams in baseball would be happy with and I think it’s certainly good enough to complement the star power we have at short and third.

Naylor is not an OF option, and a real FO & Manager would know that. It is a pitiful attempt to get a not ready bat in a line that is devoid of above average hitters in the OF. Myers and Renfroe are the same streaky hitters that can not anchor an OF because of their streaky tendencies. Margot does the same thing every season, small tidbits of turning it around with a couple of shots of heroics and then nothing for 3.5 months. At least he wasnt hurt this season, so that is nice. Jank, because AG is a wank, hasnt gotten the platoon shot that he should get. So a revamp of the OF is necessary to get us to a playoff level. Especially because if you get better production from the OF, then you can live with Hedges behind the plate.

Solution. Just bite the bullet and come to grips with the fact that Mejia is not a smart option for Catcher. Send him to winter ball and play LF everyday. He can not be worse than Naylor in LF. For 2020, get rid of AG, and let us see a true platoon of Marganski in CF. Margot v. LHSP and Jank v. RHSP. And then decide if you prefer Renfroe or Myers. If its Renfroe, bite the bullet, eat a ton of salary and give Myers a fresh start. If you prefer Myers, then package Renfroe with other pieces and then ride the hot hand between Myers and Cordero in RF. Naylor gets an all expense vacation in El Paso next year and finishes learning how to hit and work in LF in AAA, where it cant hurt SD start to contention.

Potential trade idea. Send Renfroe, Luchessi, and 2 mid level MiL P prospects to BAL for Alex Cobb and maybe some cash back to SD. Hoping that he is healthy next season and Balsley can work his voodoo on him.

There are 3 LHH OF targets that I would love to chase if I were AJP. Not in any order, Jeff McNeil - NYM, Benintendi - BOS, and Kyle Tucker - HOU. Of course all will be tough gets. And the nice thing is McNeil's natural position is 2B, so you could try a deal around Urias and McNeil changing places.

Quote from BoosterSD on September 13, 2019, 12:40 pm

Potential trade idea. Send Renfroe, Luchessi, and 2 mid level MiL P prospects to BAL for Alex Cobb and maybe some cash back to SD. Hoping that he is healthy next season and Balsley can work his voodoo on him.

Is this forum made up entirely of Alex Cobbs family? The love for Cobb here is unreal. Booster, if AJ traded Renfroe or Joey straight up for Cobb, I would question his sanity.

Any of those guys would cost us a fortune in prospects. I don't see how everyone on every team's forum thinks that they can package their garbage prospects for a star or star prospect. Look what Trammell cost us. Can you imagine what Tucker, Benintendi, or McNeil would cost? McNeil is a star and the last thing the Mets want is another second baseman to sit behind Cano. Why do you dislike Mejia behind the plate? The man is a descent catcher and a very good hitter with a cannon. Catcher is a very hard position to get a great hitter because it is so demanding. Mejia is built for catcher. You don't upgrade your lineup by moving him to a different position. We upgrade by upgrading left field directly.