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2020 Team Roster and Season

As our shiny start to the 2019 season comes to a standard Padre close of the season, lets look forward to what the team needs to do to take the next step in 2020.

I think that most on here can agree that the INF should be close to set for next season. Machado is slightly below an average season for himself, and not that bad for a first season with a new team. And the defense has been as advertised. Tatis IS ALL THAT & A BAG OF CHIPS, just need to keep him healthy and enjoy the show. Urias looks like he is turning the corner and becoming the hitter that we have been drooling about in the minors, and the defense is very good to boot. Hosmer, has had a nice bounce back season. And while I think that we all would like to have more power from a 1B, he is still on pace to drive in 100 RBI this season. Garcia and France seem like capable bench guys.

The Catching position should be interesting, with 3 guys that seem ready for ML baseball in Hedges, Mejia, and Allen. All have their attributes and their warts, but between the 3 should keep the Padres moving along at the C position.

The balance of the team is where the "head banging against the wall" begins. Lets keep on track with position players, and discuss the OF. The OF is extremely RHH heavy, lacks a consistent bat, and could be better defensively. Renfroe would be more palatable if he could drive in more runs than what seems to be predominately solo HRs. Margot is an enigma, his D is fine to above average, but not as great as the SD media machine would want you to think. His bat is as frustrating as Hedges is IMO. Why cant he just live with the fact that he is a LF to RF line drive hitter, get on base, and leave the HRs to the guys with real power. Naylor, at this time, his bat is not worth the defense that he brings in the OF. The DH can not come soon enough for this guy, or he needs to be traded to the AL. Myers, his play this year is worth the $5.5M that he was paid. Next year, ugh, what a $22.5M anchor this guy is going to be. And please, quit telling us he can handle CF, the Padres management are the only ones that think this. Jank, apparently he seems to be out of favor with SD, and seems like he is going to be an addition to a trade this off season. I think if we had a real manager, they would see the benefit of a true platoon with Jank and Margot.


The pitching. The SP is San Diego I think is on the rise. Paddock should improve next season, being one more season removed from TJ surgery and working more on the curve, and maybe/hopefully adding a slider to keep the batters more honest. Lamet should be in the same boat as Paddock. Richards gives another guy in the same road to recovery boat, can he be something special or middle of the road. Quantrill looks to be getting to the point of making the 1st round pick seem reasonable. Lauer and Luchessi are getting close to becoming mop up guys. And is Strahm a SP or RP?

The RP IMO, will be better next year for two reasons. Wont be blown out as much as 2019 since their will less innings restrictions on the SP, and some of the guys that started this year in the rotation will probably be in the pen for the entire year. Plus an entire year of Munoz should be an added benefit. Plus this is also the easiest place to usually add good pieces.

So, what are you thoughts on fixing the OF, the SP, and the BP? Go.....

We still need a #1 starter. Paddock and Lamet should be a good 2- 3 combination with Richards and Lucchesi and Quantrill and Lauer to fight for 2 or 3 spots with the left out 1 to relief . Also should include Gore on an innings limit to fill # 5 spot. Bullpen should have Yates Strahm Munoz and hopefully a healthy Castillo. Could also have Baez and Perdomo. That's a decent 13 man staff barring injuries which will surely happen. Still will have a few depth pieces in minors such as Wingentner Morejon and a few others. After the season ends time to cut loose Stammen Stock Erlin Yardley and Edwards . I would try and find a way to keep Guerra and give him a chance in minors. We really need the offense to improve OBA which I am hopeful a few can . Would cut Kinsler and keep France and Garcia for infield depth. Mejia needs most of the starts as catcher and part time OF. Hedges as backup with Allen as 26th man on roster. I would use Hedges as the part time starter and late inning defensive replacement .Outfield is trickier, right now a combo of Margot Naylor Myers and Renfroe. I would hope AJP can find a high OBA OF but it won't be easy .I would like to Olivares given a chance for backup but he doesn't solve the lefty hitting platoon partner for Margot which might make Jankowski a keeper. I'm not sure I see a championship team there but should be a big step forward in 2020 as long as we have decent health. I think we have a lot more pieces in place than any other year in a long time. The future is pretty bright

I would be looking at a manager change....someone that can actually put together a line up without screwing with players heads and has a gut feel for the game instead of the whole number/metrics garbage. The one we have is in so far over his head he reminds me of Jason Garrett for the Cowboys.....just a hand clapper that is a yes man. I would love to see a actual line up of the best defensive team with a batting order that made sense instead of these "Hitters" that are a defensive liability. I know the company line is to try to convince everybody how great this catcher not named Hedges is but the fact of the matter is defensively he is terrible and why is it the pitching staff has so little confidence in him behind the plate ? He hurts his pitchers more than he helps.....he tips pitches, can't frame a pitch without looking like somebody that just played in Williamsport and when he snaps at the ball umpires won't call a strike.

The LHH in the outfield has the same defensive prowess as Paul McNulty....Nuff said on that

Lastly....any hitting coach that cannot get somebody to change or at least modify their approach/ swing or at least teach them to  have a plan before they get in the box has no business in the dugout. Some of the most basic mechanics are missing from some of these guys and they just build on the bad habits and nobody including the Manager do a thing about it.....We hear they "Work Hard" or they "Grind Through It" to improve but if you continue to Work or Grind on BAD Mechanics all you do is ensure your offensive numbers remain just that.......OFFENSIVE.

Do any of these guys watch the opposing pitcher while they wait for their turn at the plate.....No they don't

Other than that......Go Pads !!!!


Looking through sortable stats on SD home page, and I think what I find most shocking is this. Myers; as horrible of a season he is having, is leading ALL SD OFers in OBP for 2019! And what makes it worse, is his OBP is only .317!! That means our entire OF gets on base less than 1/3 of the time. That is horrible!! OF has to be the most important item that is fixed in this offseason. IMO the only OFer that stays into next season is Myers, and that is only because his contract is practically unmovable!

I know, Renfroe can hit 35-40 HRs per year. What good is his 31 HRs this year when 18 of them are solo shots, and he cant drive in a run with out the home run. Of his 62 RBIs this year, 49 have come via the home run, that means he has only driven in 13 runs outside of a home run. Thats not good.

Margot and his .314 OBP is not acceptable for a speed/defense guy.

Jank, cant buy an AB with AG at the helm, so we cant figure out if he and Margot can make a L/R platoon in CF.

Naylor, no matter how good his bat MAY become, will never produce enough with the bat to warrant the extremely sub par OF defense. Especially when that moron AG keeps putting him in RF.

Cordero, may have talent, but cant stay on the field long enough to even form an educated opinion.

A total revamp of the OF is in need before the start of the 2020 season, or it wont matter how good the pitching may be next year.

That is exactly why they traded for Trammell. He is left-handed to help balance our lineup and he plays plus OF defense. Most importantly, he has been a high OBP guy in the minors. If he can extend that to the majors we are pretty well set. I hate low OBP guys too, but guys like Renfroe have their uses. The #5 spot in the lineup. Unfortunately we don't have any more huge bats on the way, but we can have a well above average lineup. The man we really need to come through for us is Urias. High BA, high OBP. We need him in the #2 hole to make more RBIs for the later guys.

Even with the end of his season finishing on an uptick, I still dont see Trammell as an option until 2021. Which is fine. However changes need to happen prior to that. I agree to a point of the usefulness of a hitter like Renfroe, but I think that is going to have to be Myers, because of his contract. I see Renfroe being a second piece in a trade to acquire a more rounded OF (preferably LH). Of course, I would prefer Renfroe over Myers, just shutter at the cost in both dollars and prospects it will take to get a team to take Myers. And really, in more playing time/ABs, Renfroe has only driven in 17 more runs than Myers. Myers is more athletic, when it comes to base running as well. IMO, just cant start 2020 with both of them on the same team, too similar of players/hitters.

A guy(or even two) like Renfroe are fine in the middle of the order as long as they are driving in runs.

But you need to make up for their low OBP by having other guys to take up the slack both hitting ahead of them,(obviously for them to driv e in) and also hitting behind them to prolong innings and turn over the lineup an extra time per game.

Tatis and Machado are fine....even Hosmer if others are doing their part.

But all three OF spots,C and 2B need better OBP numbers.

I think for 2020 we need to see a full season of Mejia and Urias...and even France to see what they can do.

But we need to do something with the OF now.

I like Margot and his defense but his lifetime OBP is barely over .300 with 1100 AB's.

that's just not good enough.

We need to improve LF and CF for 2020 however we need to do it.

A guy who I've always liked and wished was a Padre is Adam Eaton(lifetime OBP .365).

Not that he's available but he's the exact kind of guy we need in CF.

The Braves have a couple young studs coming up....maybe Inciarte(lifetime OBP .338) will be made available?

Although his issue is staying healthy and I'd prefer .350 or higher OBP.




We already traded for a new outfielder. His name is Trammell. This isn't a problem that can be fixed over one off season. We won't be handing out a big free agent contract, and the guys we have left in the minors that teams would want in a trade for a quality player are too valuable for us to trade. So it  Looks like we will just have to be patient and wait for Tirso Ornelas or Esteury Ruiz.