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Same concern about Hedges. Even if it does not require surgery an elbow issue for a catcher is problem that may need extensive time to fully heal (don't want to make it worse by returning too soon). Add that his hitting was bad before going DL ... might get the opportunity for a 20 day rehab stint to work on his bat. To that end Ellis / Lopez likely are it for now until one of them goes to the DL which is not unlikely for a catcher. At this point, I guess, Nicholas (non-roster) is the back-up back-up.

Jumping way ahead ... IF Hedges is lost for the season (or his batting remains sub-.200 raising concerns about his longer term viability) might we see a pre-mature jump of Austin Allen maybe in August / September timeframe if Allen continues to hit in AA (or AAA if he gets promoted)? With Ellis - Lopez - Nicholas of no real long term value (or even 2019) the Padres need to move someone into the catcher picture to work with Hedges.

As for the OF, I still see it settling into Cordero - Margot - Myers. Both Cordero and Margot are the future and will stay up (baring some real longer term underperformance). Margot's 2017 and defense should keep him around as the starting CF to work through his hitting slump. Cordero of course needs to adjust to the ML pitchers as they adjust to him over time (Villanueva didn't) but he too will get a long leash. Myers is out with an oblique ... they will give him a lot of time to fully recover but when he does he returns (guessing RF where he is more "comfortable".

Harking back to Hedges ... some concern that Renfroe's elbow might be an issue longer term. In the shorter run, another opportunity for a 20 day rehab since Renfroe's bat was not killing ML pitching in 2018 and, in my mind, has fallen significantly behind Cordero / Myers for a corner OF slot.

Jankowski - Szczur ... one (or both) has to go at some point and it might boil down to another team wanting one (their choice) to fill an OF hole. Preller makes the best deal. Bit complicated with the need for reserve INF too and only 3 non-catcher bench players. Could see Headley and Asuaje gone to make room for Myers and Spangenberg (more versatile) but that only leaves Spangenberg as the reserve INF (Pirela at 2B). Then add Renfroe another OF only ...gets one of  Jankowski or Szczur off the 25 man (made more likely since Spangenberg and Pirela can cover some OF). Add Urias mid-season and that adds the INF and should eliminate the other of Jankowski or Szcurs (or maybe Renfroe).

Bottom line ... I can visualize the starting 3 OF stabilizing but a lot of upheaval on the bench.

I would feel better if this organization had any track record for developing hitters.  All of these prospects people keep mentioning haven’t really shown any success at this level and don’t look like they will anytime soon.

Meanwhile, it feels like every team in the bigs has young offensive talent except the Padres.  I hope I am proven wrong.

With Headley gone as expected, setting up for Villanueva / Spangenberg to get the 3B shot likely splitting time for the foreseeable future. However, I have no expectation that either one will be able to establish themselves as the longer term 3B solution. What to do?

Villanueva after the hot April has fallen apart in May (1 for 37 with a slash line of /027/077/108 and poor fielding).

Spangenberg (full season) not much better with a line of 190/230/345 and poor fielding but given his past ML track record some hope of slight improvement (not a lot).

Asuage is not a 3B and the Padres have no illusion he can go there ... besides he is hitting as poorly as the other two. He is going to be lucky to remain on the 25 man roster.

Pirela who now is the #1 2B could I guess get a 3B shot when they deem Urias ready to be promoted but Pirela has never been a 3B (very few minor league appearances at 3B). Urias is not dominating in AAA yet ... so that decision may not be soon.

Myers ... not going to happen and should not after seeing him play the INF at 1B last season plus at some point they need to just sit him in one spot and let him focus simplifying his defense role and what they are paying for for ... hitting.

Moving forward the first real 3B prospect is Potts and he is still at least 3 years out.

If we are just dealing with the cards we have ... the players will make the decision with their play BUT I would not be surprised looking at the above mix seeing Asuaje to AAA with the return of Myers / Renfroe then Villanueva DFA's when Urias is promoted. Urias at 2B and Pirela at 3B with Spangenberg the reserve INF.


According to the Pads home page, Franmil Reyes is getting his contract purchased. Any idea on where they play him, and how often. Its not like we need another OF at this time, unless Jank slides to CF and Reyes plays a corner with Cordero, and they send Margot down to EP to work on his swing.

Quote from Booster SD on May 13, 2018, 8:15 pm

According to the Pads home page, Franmil Reyes is getting his contract purchased. Any idea on where they play him, and how often. Its not like we need another OF at this time, unless Jank slides to CF and Reyes plays a corner with Cordero, and they send Margot down to EP to work on his swing.

Interesting move and probably more a reflection of the current 40 man roster make-up than of a desire to promote Reyes. The only healthy position players on the 40 man and the minors are Guerra and Torrens ... neither are justifying a call up (even as filler) at this time.

Reyes in AAA has earned a look ... probably just short term on the bench until Renfroe / Myers return from the DL plus they had the open 40 man roster spot with the DFA of Headley. Probably the best of the non-roster AAA options and has shown enough that likely would have been protected this winter anyway.

We will find out on the 25 man roster move to offset the call-up soon ...

1. the "quick" reaction was moving Szczur ... but I think they may save that until  Myers / Renfroe are back unless someone is making a good offer for Szczur (not likely)

2. the second alternative is demote Margot ... slide Jankowski to CF and play Reyes in a corner. Possible but Margot has at last been better in May offensively and might not have earned a demotion in the Padres mind

3. one other, saw a note a couple days ago that Villanueva had some minor injury that was bothering him .... possible that we see Villanueva to the DL (his horrible May would make that easy plus maybe he gets that rehab time to work on his swing). That would leave in the short run a thin INF with only Asuaje on the bench (that can't last too long).

Bottom line I see Reyes around for a short filler role until Renfroe or Myers returns considering he is limited to a corner OF .. but gets him some ML time which could be good for his development.

My guess is Reyes plays right, Jankowski to CF, Margot down to figure out what in the world he's doing wrong.

Sczur sticks around as the 4th OF, with Spangenberg/ Pirela as emergency guys.

Joey Lucchesi to the DL with a hip strain.

Sounds as if Renfroe is going out to EP on a rehab later this week .... Reyes' stay may be short and OK with that.

Guessing Asuaje's stay will be short too when the need to add that 5th starter (or another RP during the road trip).

Then there is Myers ... heard a side comment that he may remain out "for quite awhile".

What are the chances we sign Ross to an extension soon?

I "really" hope we do.

We need that stability IMO and even though we have many young guys coming up soon I hope that

our rotation includes Tyson for the next 4-5 years.


I have no faith that Lauer will be able to get hitters out consistently.

Jury's still out on Perdomo.

His stuff is not dominant and his FB is too straight.

Long relief is his ceiling IMO.

Hopefully we get to see Kennedy and Scholtens some time this season.

What are your guys's thoughts on Scholtens?

His numbers are very impressive in EP.