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Regular Season Discussion

Well....It's OPENING DAY!

One of the few days of the year that still make this Old Man feel like a kid again!



I forgot how frustrating it was to watch Chase Headley play baseball.


I know we're winless so far but I'm still intrigued by certain players. One - Asuaje seems to be maturing. Two - I LOVE that Lucchesi is getting his shot in Lamet's absence. I hope he can settle down for his next start and pitch like he's capable.  Then maybe he sticks (for Perdomo?) And Tyson Ross. Great story with Ross if he can come back to form. I'm sure other players will catch my interest later in the season. I can see Renfroe getting dealt when Cordero comes back. Really looking forward to seeing Franchy play every day. Hope he gets healed up soon.

Tough Start for sure but hopefully Tyson gives them a good start and they put one in the win column....I know you don't win divisions in April but you sure can dig yourself a hole that is hard to climb out of

Get a win then string some together and get back to .500

Go Pads

Speaking of Lamet's absence, is there any word on him through back channels? Padres are being super tight lipped on the results of his MRI.


1-6 and here come the World Champions.



It's a good start. We could use another top pick.

Did the win last night slow down the falling of the sky?

Is it me or has Perdomo lost velo?  I remember him sitting 95-96 the last two seasons and touching 97 at times.  last night I saw him sitting 92-93 and touching 94 mph at times.  Am I remembering wrong?