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Padres vs Rockies

So the Padres start a 4 game series with the Rockies that has huge implications for the NL West.....who is going to secure last place ?

Go Pads !!!

The Padres could still go on a run and finish close to .500 IMO.

Is it really impossible for them to go on a 15-5 type run?


To get to .500 they would need to go 29-20 the rest of the way out. Doesn't sound bad but that is a .591 win percentage and only the LAD have a better win percentage in the NL this season.

So even getting close to .500 would require them to play playoff quality ball ... possible yes ... probable not really.

Still have to hope they can win (and look good winning) as much as they can in the remaining games to stir some hope for 2020. The kids need to shine.

Padres need 2 5-game winning streaks and go 19-20 in the other 39 games ... long shot ... do-able ...

Do we want that? 🙂

There are pro's & con's ... trade off draft pick quality with "morale" (for both the players and org and the fans) ...

I have a concern about the character of the team ... I feel like they already have more/better talent than their W/L record reflects ... so ... why?  Do they not have a core desire to "hustle" (or are they easily distracted/frustrated)?  Do they have skills but not fundamentals?  Do they want to over-achieve (or are they OK just letting their talent play out)?  Do the players have good coaching and management?

All fuzzy concepts, I know ...

I hope the players in the org develop to a point where this matters less (if it matters at all) ...

I guess I will go with lack of talent in some spots and yet undeveloped talent in others ... some serious holes in some spots too deep for the better players to overcome. Not a motivation issue in my mind.

Better than in previous seasons ... and with some younger upside hope that may grow into their potential.

Prior to the season virtually no thought of them playing .500 ball .... maybe got teased early but they are who we thought they were.


I don’t expect .500.

I’m just not ruling out one good stretch that could at least get them to say.....79 wins?



we have a winner tonight ....53-61 and counting

.500 is not doable but 70 wins could happen...just need 17 more

Go Pads !!!

Quote from 3fingersplit on August 8, 2019, 10:35 pm

we have a winner tonight ....53-61 and counting

.500 is not doable but 70 wins could happen...just need 17 more

Go Pads !!!

You think we ‘might” win 17 more games?


Play .500 the rest of the way out (possible) and hit 77 wins .... right about were most of the pre-season over/under betting lines were set. Remember that is a good improvement over last season ... and the previous season ... and ......

Did not see the full game last night ... but did see some good defense from Tatis and Urias ... with Machado that plus defensive INF is settling in.

Also, even though Urias is not hitting for AVG his OBP is an impressive .356 since his recall ... 10BB v 9K. Showing some good plate discipline hitting ahead of the pitcher. That coupled with his defense should get him regular playing time.