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Padres vs Mets Game Thread

Quote from fenn68 on July 24, 2019, 5:32 pm

Well through 3 both teams look “balanced” and that is not all that good. Mets defense is terrible and Syndergaard is not improving his trade stock ... not much command and 4 runs to the light hitting Padres. Looks like he stays a Met.

Meanwhile Lamet is in the same boat with 62 pitches in 3 innings ... no command.

That is what I was pointing toward about " Thor"....if he got roughed up by the Padres his trade stock drops......but in all fairness to him the defense for the Mets just sucks....the left fielder for the Mets makes Franmil look like a Gold Glover 🙂

Good News....Margot is just playing loose and having fun and it reflects in his game....Hedges makes pitchers better

Bad News..... Lamet has a long way to go before he is ready to be proclaimed as " Back"...he is lucky Hedges is behind the dish tonight as Mejia has a long way to go to become a solid major league catcher that can handle a pitching staff

Smith is more like Naylor ... career 1B being forced to the OF because of their hitting potential and blocked at 1B.

Thor’s trade stock drops ... likely to the point were offers are below the Mets acceptance threshold ... they don’t need to trade him now ... so they don’t.

Toronto has to be happy with that turn of events along with SF surging reducing  the likelihood of dealing Bumgarner. Stroman’s price is on the rise.

For Lamet right now staying healthy is the main goal.

Good results would just be a bonus.


13 in a row set down by Padre pitching......then we bring in Stammen.

What happened to 2018 Stammen?


Myers just can’t do anything right......he needs to snap out of it.

Wow.....if only Munoz knew where that 102 was gonna go.


Quote from WindsorUK on July 23, 2019, 4:40 pm

As for Thor, I just don't see the attraction. Yes, he's a quality pitcher( he must be above league average?) but I certainly wouldn't bet the farm on him.

If I'm Preller, I'm manuvering for Gerrit Cole this winter. Use our trade chips to get that LHH corner OF.

Thor kind of reminds me of Tyson Ross when he first came over from OAK. Then Balsley got his hands on him, boom! Great! Imagine what Balsley could do with Thor.


The thing that has me second guessing any Syndergaard move to San Diego is the fact that he is a over the top pitcher and while he has good velocity and can throw 3 to 4 pitches for strikes his margin for error is so small.

If he is late releasing the ball he will be low and out of the strike zone and if he releases early he will be high in the zone and the pitch has a tendency to flatten out and it's a tell tale sign when a over the top pitcher starts to get tired...everything stays up in the zone and it's straight....I saw it happen many times tonight

The other thing is that they tend to work under the ball if they are missing low and it also takes a heavy toll on the Labrum and Rotator Cuff over the top especially with a breaking ball.....Curve Ball or Slider

Don't get me wrong...the guy is a stud but I would rather see them find somebody that has a lower arm slot that doesn't stress the shoulder out as bad and has a margin of error on missing a release point and allows a pitch to " run " depending on the grip.

Quote from David Nevin on July 24, 2019, 6:48 pm

13 in a row set down by Padre pitching......then we bring in Stammen.

What happened to 2018 Stammen?


Older and worked heavily last season ... and before his quality work for the Padres over the past few seasons ... not that great so maybe a bit regression.

Sort of why (except for a few special players) never should think long term with RP since  their performance can turn on a dime .... often due to over use taking a lot out of their bodies.

Would I like Syndergaard on the Padres ... yes. The question for me is the price tag which could (and probably is) over his value to the Padres ... and apparently all other teams who theoretically need him more for the playoff runs.

Mets have to be selling 2 more years of control at arbitration salaries for a #1 SP ... that profile (when the Mets don’t have to sell now ... could be the winter) likely makes the ask astronomical.

Buyers (not just the Padres) are seeing a 2019 pitcher with an ERA in the mid 4 ERA with a lot of inconsistency who may not really help them in 2019 in a playoff push. The prospective buyers may not even be close in having the talent to approach the Mets demands or, if they do, don’t see his current performance (plus his 2 year potential) being worth the loss of prospect potential they would have to give up. Think for the Padres the demand is likely to START with Gore then add other pieces ... for just 2 years of “potential” vs. 6 years of  “potential” of Gore+ when the Padres are more likely to be contenders. A debate on the value of Syndergaard is likely shaped by only 2 years of control and where the buying team sees itself during those two years ... vs what the have to give.

Good chance he stays put ... at least until the winter when his price may drop.