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Padres vs Mets Game Thread

So here we are in New York playing the Mets and this series has some interesting story lines besides the fact it's a 3 game series

Chris Paddack, who I guess one could argue is the ace of this pitching staff with a 6-4 record and a 2.70 ERA, is going up against Pete Alonzo who has to be considered the front runner for NL Rookie of the Year. It's a shame that Tatis Jr missed a month with the Hamstring injury because his season to date stats would have him in the mix if not the outright lead for NL ROY.

It also will be interesting to see the pitching match ups in this series.....after Paddack today vs Vargas ( 4-5 / 4.25 era ) , the Padres will have Dinelson Lamet ( 0-2 / 5.14 era ) vs one of the targets of their search for a starting pitcher , Syndergaard ( 7-4 / 4.30 era ) and then Eric Lauer (5-7/4.31 era) vs DeGrom (5-7/3.02 era).

Does Snydergaard get back in the picture for a San Diego push before the deadline or do they just wait for the off season?

Personally I don't like the deadline trades because teams vastly over pay for what they think will be the player to get them to the promised land. I could see Reyes being moved to a AL team because he will never win a gold glove and his future is the American League and the same with Naylor.  Will the call up of Morejon and Baez be auditions for a trade for Trevor Bauer along with Reyes or will they want Renfroe ?.....who I believe is a guy you do not move as he will be that bat you need when you do make a run and his overall game is much better suited for the NL

This week should be interesting because if the Padres play themselves out of Wild Card contention, which is entirely possible given the inconsistent  defense and somewhat questionable decisions regarding the line up and pitching.

I would like to think that the Padres are a better team at this point of the season than the Mets so anything less than a series win would not help their push for a Wild Card spot

Should be fun to watch the games and all of the sub plot stories that develop

Go Pads !!!!!!!!

I'm not liking Margot in the 2 hole. He's still WAY to undisciplined to be in that role. Granted, anyone hitting behind Tatis and in front of Machado should get pitches to hit but I'm just not convinced he's ready. Much prefer him in the 9 hole with Hosmer batting second. Hit Urias 7.

As for Thor, I just don't see the attraction. Yes, he's a quality pitcher( he must be above league average?) but I certainly wouldn't bet the farm on him.

If I'm Preller, I'm manuvering for Gerrit Cole this winter. Use our trade chips to get that LHH corner OF.

Jason Vargas.....really?

I absolutely hate these games when we swing at 75 mph pitches that aren’t even close to being a strike.

Please get to the bullpen and bring in a guy who throws 92.


Oh,and please Fernando......snap out of it.

All these K’s are killing me/us.


Doesn’t really matter how Paddack did.....if we can’t score a run off this soft tosser.

Next we get Thor and Degrom?


Robbie Cano don’t you know!!!!!! Cano 5, Padres 0.

Not sure even if they come back to win this against the worst bullpen in MLB ... anyone can consider this team having a realistic chance for the wild card. 5 games out going into today and with 5 teams ahead of them within 2 games of each other ... hard to envision a sub-500 team making any ground against a tougher Aug/Sep schedule.


What I hated the most was when Mark Grant , who I cannot stand for so many reasons, actually called a pitch from Vargas a "Heater"....that was 82 mph. Don Orsillo called him out on that one.

Two weeks ago Grant spent 3 innings arguing about the merits of the Wizard of Oz instead of calling the game.

It's bad enough that we have to watch some very disjointed play but if nothing else it would be nice to have an announcer that actually calls a game or stays baseball relavent....Don Orsillo and Mark Sweeney is so much better than this wanna be funny guy Mark Grant....his act is tired.

I find myself turning on the radio for TV games more and more if Grant is involved

You can tell I'm frustrated by the play of  the Padres when the TV guys get some love on a message board 🙂

Lamet vs Thor tomorrow.....if the Padres get to Thor and put some runs up on the board does that kill their interest in him or if he shuts down this Padre hitting attack does it help him from a value standpoint......personally I think it's a no win for the Padres/ Syndergaard other than maybe a win for the Mets.

One game will not change either the Mets or Padres valuation they put on Syndergaard ... valuation was built on a longer history and that illusive “projection”. So, status quo unless he blows his UCL.

Still can’t see using the Padre trade chips on adding a SP versus trying to improve the offense. Plus, although I like Syndergaard’s arm ... one analysis had him as one of the biggest under performers as a SP ..... great peripherals vs. results.

So, I would deal for him but not yield any major high ceiling prospects ... doubt the Mets will go that way. Also, does not seem as though the Mets want distant prospects and will want players to contribute in 2020 .... getting that from a club with essentially the same poor record is difficult.  They may want OF (Renfroe), 3B (France), SP (Lamet or L.Allen or Quantrill). Also, after seeing Ramos catch (now that is real bad defense) ... they may want Hedges as a secondary piece for his defense to support DeGrom et al.

Agree on Grant ... too much attempt at being funny (usually with a lot of repetitive stuff). Plus way too much second guessing strikes / balls ... this it TV and we can see a good vs. a bad call, so his ongoing (non creative) comments just become a constant barrage of negative. Add in the need to critique every check swing ... not going to change it and again it is TV ... we can make up our own minds ... just adds more negative plus “if he hit it it would be a double” gets really tired.

Now Orsillio I like. He is “naturally” funny / light versus Grant who seems to have to work on his humor (often just before he attempts it). Grant seems to have the same effect on all his partners ... basically distract them from the game and informing the fans to be a comedy act. Yes, Orsillio would even be better partnered with Sweeney or Gwynn and I really like the rare appearance of Scanlan in the booth. Better baseball analysis.


However, can’t stomach the ongoing negativity of Leitner ... same stuff on calls, umpires, time wasting, and living in the deep past of the 50s-60s, plus the negative non-baseball stuff so never listen to radio.


Sadly the media and I guess part of the organization see both as “treasures” and history has shown in other markets getting rid of ‘treasures” creates more negative PR than it is worth ... and these guys never retire even when the are past their use by date.


Well through 3 both teams look “balanced” and that is not all that good. Mets defense is terrible and Syndergaard is not improving his trade stock ... not much command and 4 runs to the light hitting Padres. Looks like he stays a Met.

Meanwhile Lamet is in the same boat with 62 pitches in 3 innings ... no command.