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Off Season Thread

I am happy for LA. I hope this finally gets them their title.  They are going to have to hope that at least 1 of their young starters like Urias, May or Gonsolin really breaks out this year. I wouldn’t want to go into a playoff series having to count on Kershaw and Price.

Happy was the last emotion that came to mind🤨

My hatred is mostly for the Yankees. Now the Red Sox and Astros have come up on my list too. To me LA is just the competition. Besides, they have $43 million less to spend this year and $16 million less to spend for each of the next 2 years. All for a starter who probably shouldn't even be their #5 starter.

Quote from Commie on February 4, 2020, 8:11 pm

Let's see what happens in the next 72 hours. This deal may have been holding up others for SD.

No one else would take Myers.

I didn’t see anything significant still happening.


Dont see how LAD got better this off-season to be honest..

They lost Verdugo + Joc + Ryu + Maeda + Hill .. They added Betts + Price + Wood and the reliever from A's.. That to me looks like a loss of 3 + WAR...

Factor in Betts regression in a larger stadium and in the NL West.. Price + Kershaws continued down turn and a BP that is still an Achilles heel..  Betts is nice but LAD Pitching and depth don't look all that intimidating to me.. And look at all them lefties.. We were one of the best vs LHP.. Bring them on

By taking Price to get the deal done, the Dodgers (IMHO) had limited themselves to make other super big financial commitments in the future.

The key to winning baseball is pitching. The Padres can have a dominant pitching staff in the near future. Gore, Paddock, Patino, Morejon (take your pick: Cantillo, Balanos Lawson, Weathers).

As far as hitting: Trammel, Abrams and Campusano need to come through. Machado and Tatis, Jr are already a reality. I really do feel optimistic about our future.

I cant believe Boston got Gat and Verdugo. Bloom killed. Very impressed.

From LAD's perspective, a lot was given up. Surprising.

From Boston's perspective they appear to have been more interested in high upside prospects than proven ML pitchers like Maeda. Ingeresting.

Whew! A lot of implications for all four teams ... now and in the future.

Boston is down to about the tax threshold (just need a minor DFA to clear it) ... resets the baseline for penalty ... drops quite a bit for next year giving them room (if they want) to add. Looks as though Boston achieved their objectives and ending up with low cost, long control quality prospects.

LAD ... for this year ... upgrades with Betts over Verdugo (injury risk?) / Pederson (FA after 2020). Extra benefit is that Betts is a RHH (Verdugo / Pederson LHH) to protect Bellinger (LHH) in the middle of the order. Price vs. Maeda is maybe a push with Price having more upside showing up in the NL (teams have not seen him a lot) but maybe a greater injury risk. This may push LAD over the tax level but will fall back under in 2021 (unless they make a big signing). Key for them ... they kept all their "elite" prospects.

MINN ... had the money ... needed to upgrade SP to win in 2020 ... Maeda will help and at a pretty low cost an under control for 4 years (although he is 31).

LAA .... adding Pederson (LHH for 1 year) provides a needed LHH with punch to balance Trout, Rendon, Upton. LAA stays under the tax level. Buys some time for Adell to develop and LAA does not have to rely on him in 2020. Still some other names to be settled but probably not critical.

Looks as though the objectives of all four teams were met.

I don't think Price and Maeda are a push. Further, I am curious about the money end of the deal.

The protection to Bellinger is a good point.

Would have loved for us to get Verdugo. Believe he could have been a cornerstone for our team. Obviously some sort of 3 team trade with Boston and LAD was far fetched, but still he is exactly what we need for the future.

Quote from onlypads on February 5, 2020, 8:04 am

I don't think Price and Maeda are a push. Further, I am curious about the money end of the deal.

The protection to Bellinger is a good point.

Would have loved for us to get Verdugo.

Early reports has Boston and LAD splitting Price's salary in half .... LAD pick-up $16MM/year for 3 years. Maeda is about $3MM/year for 4 years. Of course, LAD could not have made this trade (and preserved it top prospects) unless they went this route ... so, not a simple Price v. Maeda comparison with a $13MM cost differential.

I used "push" since Price clearly COULD be better than Maeda ... and COULD be worse considering his injury issues. Both are about he same age and looking at 2019:

Maeda: 154 innings ... 4.04 xFIP ... 2.5 WAR

Price: 107 innings ... 3.73 xFIP ... 2.3 WAR

So, a healthy Price should be better than Maeda (but looking at his past 3 seasons not that much better) but has had only one healthy season in the past 3 creates a high risk which could make him worse. Downside risk mutes the upside potential ... plus extend that risk over the next 3 years.

Injuries could befall anyone but Price's history of injury maybe tilts the odds towards him being injured again.