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Off Season Thread

Mejia is catching this winter in the Dominican ... so at least getting some playing time before ST.

Doubt the Padres are giving up on Mejia given his hitting potential but he may have slid down the future pecking order with Nola (short term) and Campusano (near term). Lining up more to the #2 role but still worked to develop his catching skills.

Over 2021 (baring some outlandish trade offer) he is part of the mix and maybe in 2021-22 either he or Nola become a trade chip ... catchers are always in need. Alternatively he settles to #3 catcher and in the DH rotation.


Now to be a bit cautious on going full in on Nola ... I know they gave up what appears to be a lot for him. However, consider he is already 30, "smallish" for a catcher, with only 399 AB in the ML, he still has a lot to prove.

Just because he is a RHH does not mean he can hit LHP ... in 2020 (59 AB) his slash line vs. LHP was 192/276/327 ... so not necessarily an alternative to Cronenworth or Hosmer on a platoon basis. Add that he was not enough of an INF in his long minor league run to warrant a jump to the ML as an INF. His minor league career (2654 AB) slash line was 252/340/339 ... not compelling to project for the ML.

He does appear to be a good defensive catcher who can hit for a catcher ... and that is probably the logic behind the trade. That same level of offense may not be that compelling for other positions on a contender.

Once (if) Campusano is what he is projected ... and arrives in 2022 ... could see Nola moved via trade while he is still marketable. Hard to see Nola play out his 6 control years (through age 35) with the Padres.

Pham sues the strip club where he was stabbed citing "catastrophic injuries" that cause economic harm.


I guess the Padres could "help" his lawsuit by non-tendering him.

Not a good look.....

Quote from fenn68 on November 27, 2020, 1:22 pm

Pham sues the strip club where he was stabbed citing "catastrophic injuries" that cause economic harm.


I guess the Padres could "help" his lawsuit by non-tendering him.

Looks like the trade could end up being Jake Cronenworth for Xavier Edwards. Not bad.

Timing of this announcement by Pham's "camp" pretty interesting...

Was he hurt much worse than originally reported?   Because of that specifically, or alternatively the more "straw that broke the camel's back" we thought;  is a non-tender imminent, or maybe has he/agent already been informed he will be??

Why not wait a week until decisions get officially made before going public with this?  Almost like a politician trying to get in front of it...

If he really was more seriously injured, why wouldn't that simply have gotten reported?  More questions than answers.

Pham's decision to go there in the first place wasn't the best of all time, but it's not on the scale of bad judgement that Luis Campusano, or even Jake Nix last year, are...

Timing is a bit curious given next week's non-tender deadline. Have no idea how to gauge "serious" in this situation. Maybe not "serious" in the context of life threatening or major disability ... but maybe "serious" in the context of his mobility (at least to generate an unknown going forward) resulting in the Padres not wanting to risk $8MM in arbitration.

If Pham's risk profile is elevated by this ... could see the Padres moving on in this environment seeking lower cost options (or higher value options). FA after next year, not so young, poor defense ... maybe a good time to move on.

By this time last year, Padres had already made one significant trade and signed one significant free agent.  With most clubs apparently financially challenged, don't expect much movement until after Wednesday when another wave of free agents will hit the pool of available players.  From that time until arbitration hearings commence, probably going to see a lot of movement with not only the top FA's signed but many bench pieces.  San Diego is a desirable location with a team on the rise to consistent playoff appearances, so my prediction is that we get some players we don't necessarily think we would have gotten thru free agency.  Padres don't have a whole lot of major league ready prospects to trade, so unless there are teams that want quantity vice quality I don't see us making very many trades and especially not trading the future projected stars - Gore, Patino, Abrams, Campusano, Weathers and even Morejon.  If we can squeeze out 20-30 million for FA's, I think we'll be set for a good run in 2021.  Worry about 2022 later in the year as things shake out on the true make-up of this team to perform on a consistent and high level.

Just mental doodling here:

1. Assume few teams want to spend big so there is an appeal to minimum contract / long control options via trade

2. A large number of teams want (need) catching ... especially contenders

3. FA Realmuto (big money / long contract) ... McCann (will wait on Realmuto for a larger contract than he deserves) ... Molina (MLBTR has him at $10MM/1yr and desire to play on a team that may win a championship)

4. NYM, NYY, STL, SD, LAA are rumored to be in on Molina ... other teams looking at the other catchers along with some of this group

SO, fantasy daisy chain:

NYY non tender Sanchez

SD non tender Pham

SD uses Pham’s money to sign Molina (might go 2 years to get it done since that is what he is angling to get).

Preller calls the NYY (needing a catcher, low cost, controllable and some SP) and deals Nola and Lucchesi for Frazier to play LF (league minimum and long control) ... NYY have some OF options.

Frazier give a RHH in the OF to replace Pham and remain after Myers goes FA. Molina is good for the young pitchers .. mentor Mejia and Campusano.

Nola is good defensively and has some hitting ... a real need in NY (even with Sanchez). I guessing they would not take Mejia instead ... so, Nola.

Molina + Frazier > Nola + Pham in 2021 and in the longer run?

I prefer Nola and Pham myself.

If we could bring Molina in for 1-2 “reasonably priced” seasons I’d be OK with it.

But I don’t see how St Louis let’s him go elsewhere to be honest.

What are the chances we bring Trevor Williams in to compete for the #5 spot?

I’m guessing who, and how many starters we sign all depends on AJ’s feelings about the youngsters contributing in 2021....also on what’s really going on with Lamets’ arm.


We still have Lamet/Davies/Paddack/Lucchesi/Morejon/Patiño/Gore/Weathers.

How many of those are in the opening day rotation?


Molina - STL will be interesting since it is hard at this stage to know what to believe. Both say they are “interested” in a contract. However, STL is suggesting they pull back on payroll (not really in on any FA and soft on re-signing Wainwright). Molina says the money is not the key but being on a team that has a chance to win it all before he retires ... and wants a 2 year deal (that does not sound like STL).

Probably the ball is in Molina’s court since very likely he will get legit offers from other teams and would that move STL to up their position or Molina to lower his ask from STL? The two years part of the ask is likely the tipping point to get Molina ... avoiding another FA period at even an older age.