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Josh Naylor

14. Josh Naylor, OF/1B, Padres
Team: Triple-A El Paso (Pacific Coast)
Age: 22
Why He's Here: .524/.583/.857 (11-for-21), 7 R, 5 2B, 1 3B, 0 HR, 3 BB, 2 SO

The Scoop: Naylor didn't produce enough for the Padres to keep him in San Diego, but he's also too good for Triple-A. With a .324/.399/.571 line in the PCL, Naylor should force his way back to the big leagues soon. (BB)

Was good to see him get an OF assist today ... good hustle, good throw!

And a double + 2 walks in 3 PAs ... I think he's a hitter.

Quote from LynchMob on September 8, 2019, 8:52 pm

Was good to see him get an OF assist today ... good hustle, good throw!

And a double + 2 walks in 3 PAs ... I think he's a hitter.

I am the first to dog him on his OF ability, so I should come on here and give kudos when deserved. A nicely played ball off the wall and a strong throw. Still dont think he is a long term OF option though.

Naylor obviously has offensive potential....but it would be best for the Padres if he is our LH PH off the bench 5th outfielder/back up 1b  who

gets occasional starts against RH starters.It wouldn't be ideal for us going into 2020 if he's our starting LF'er.




If he wasn't in the Padre system he would not be in the major leagues this year....terrible outfielder, his hitting is marginal at best and he has the worst body language of anybody I've seen in the last 25 years.....I am NOT a fan of his game at all.

If he wasn't left handed he would not be in San Diego and the fact they went and got Martini to fill the same role should tell you anything you need to know about piece to the AL is in his future

Both you and MrP have good statements about the situation and progress of Naylor. Really need to find better options for OF next season. No way we can go forward with the production from the guys that we have this season.

Oddly enough, Meyers provides the ideal package of what we need in an OF.

Just need to cut his K rate in half.

I don't see Margot, Naylor, or Martini on the roster next year.

Renfroe will an interesting situation.

Renfroe and Myers will be our starting corner OF's next year. They both have plus power and defense(at the corners), but both could hugely improve their value by lowering their strikeout rates and upping their BA and OBP. Whatever, they are what we have right now. We can improve our CF situation. That will be all about Taylor Trammell.

I'm in agreement with the general consensus here ... with one caveat ... I think Naylor can be an elite MLB hitter ... but I've been wrong that with others previously (ex. McAnulty) ... so there ...

An example of what I'm saying that I agree with is that it seems likely he'll be that elite hitter for an AL team (unless, for example, the Padres still have him when Hosmer has a career ending injury, knock on wood) ... and so we need to be prepared for that (ie. no one can complain if/when that happens ... if/when he's traded, remember that it was our consensus that he needed to be traded, even after he starts appearing on the AL BA leaderboard).

Here's a link to yesterday's game recap ...,lock_state=final,game_tab=videos,game=566345 ... which includes video of Naylor's play to nail DMurphy trying to stretch a single into a double!

Dude can hit for sure. Not seeing what you are 3FS.

I'd keep him around absent inclusion in a deal for a position of need.  He has enough speed and good enough arm to hit a growth spurt in his defense. Never will be good out there, but below average with that bat will be like Hedges being "just" a below average hitter in terms of value as a player.