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Josh Naylor

Dustin (Winnipeg): Naylor and Quantrill in the top 10?! Did a lot of people/other outlets really sour on these guys or is this system not as deep/great as this Padre fan had hoped? I was expecting to see Baez and Weathers with Edwards as the surprise guy at #10.

Kyle Glaser: Media outlets seem to like Naylor less than actual scouts. Naylor got probably the most consistent positive reports this year of any Padres position player (including Tatis), and the only guy to consistently get plus hit, plus power thrown on him (not even Tatis got that.) Most teams consider him a DH only, but even NL teams say they’d want him because of his bat and they’d figure the rest out. He’s a slam dunk top 10, and a couple of other organizations actually have him higher in the Padres system on their pref lists. Quantrill struggled but the way he rebounded at AAA – three quality pitches and the competitive fire—re-boosted his stock at the end. His arsenal is more well-rounded than Baez and just straight better than Weathers’. Considering he’s got a better arsenal than both AND is closer to the majors, it really wasn’t that close a call.

I'm a HUGE Josh Naylor fan ... but days in LF like yesterday do not bode well for his future ...

Lefty Matt Strahm made his first start of the spring, and he endured his first shaky outing. Strahm allowed five runs over three innings, though he was clearly the victim of some hard luck. The first three runs scored only after Josh Naylor botched two fly balls in left field, and the last two runs scored after Strahm had been removed. 

I can understand the high ranking for Naylor for scouts ... he is viewed as an above average hitter and that is the most difficult skill to master. Guessing they see a right mix of bat speed - bat to ball skills - plate discipline. Seeing the potential of a plus ML hitter is likely an overweight skill even though they see his shortcomings in the field and baserunning combined with a body type that causes longer term concern.

Not new since in 2015 Miami took him in the draft at #12 overall and since the Padres acquired him he has been placed where he is among the youngest in the league ... and has done well. Still he is just 21 and will be in AAA.

Sort of if you can hit you can play in the ML ... if you can't you are a wonderful minor leaguer.

IF he is the ML hitting talent that the scouts project ... he will have 30 teams with 1B options and 15 (for now) with DH options. Agree that his LF experiment (only a 1/2 year so far) does not bode well for that as his future ... so 1B/DH is the fit ... not a path that fits the Padres.

IF he crushes it this year in AAA ... a good trade chip at some point ... probably not much on his own but in a bundle could make the difference in the quality of return.

I saw this note at BA and it reminds me that the Padres are not the only team with bat-first prospects ...

Jared Young, 1B, Cubs

Scout’s Take: "He was the Cubs' minor league hitter of the year last year, and they brought him into big league camp and he’s hit in the opportunities he’s had. It’s a pure bat-first prospect. I don’t have a lot of history with him, I’m just saying if you’re going in and watching the club you say, ‘OK, this guy is standing out a little bit on the field and now let’s find out some more about him.’ If you’re going really under the radar for a pop-up guy, he’s turned some heads in camp. Just the fact he was a 15th-rounder in 2017 and he’s already playing in some big league games, that speaks well of how he’s progressed so far. He’s played some second, some third, a little bit of corner outfield, but it’s primarily first base. So obviously there is a little bit more pressure on the bat, but that’s the one thing that’s stood out about him so far. He’s put himself on the radar screen.”

I had a friend (Giants' fan) in the stands for today's game (vs Giants) ... here is unsolicited texts that I got from him during the game ...

- Your guy Naylor is having an adventure in LF ... it's kinda windy, but I'm not sure I've even seen Buster leg out a triple to LCF ...

- He immediately followed it up by misplaying what looked like an easy flyball into a double.  But the wind/sun could have played a part

- He's a pretty big boy

- Just let another one get by ... awkward looking handcuff-like play

- Naylor just caught a routine fly ball and the crowd cheered 🙂

- Naylor goes yard!


Padres have a bit of dilemma concerning the best way to develop Naylor into a productive ML player with Hosmer blocking 1B.

With Padres (and other scouts) seeing Naylor with elite hitting potential but "limited" defensive options, how do they ensure that hitting potential is developed to the max ... and does putting him in a position (LF) where he is very bad get to him mentally and actually hurt his bat?

I guess their internal view of when the DH hits the NL is a factor. He unfortunately does not fit the profile of a great trade chip unless his bat becomes elite.

I guess I would put him back at 1B in AAA to help his psyche and let him focus on this bat ... hopefully in EP/PCL he can deliver some eye-popping numbers in 2019 (maybe even in 2020) to boost his trade value or to become the Padres DH when that arrives. Might get frustrating for Naylor ... only 21 and non-roster ... Padres could add him to the 40 man next winter and option him 3 times (2020-2021-2022) or, at least until the DH arrives. I guess with limited 1B options on the farm and Naylor so young and controllable ... Padres may have an eye out for Hosmer opting out after 2022.


From yesterday's DFR ...

Through the early part of the season, no Triple-A player under the age of 23 has a better swinging strike rate than Josh Naylor’s seven percent.  In fact, only other prospects that young in the top 100 are three premier prospects in Ke’Bryan Hayes, Yordan Alvarez, and Brendan Rodgers. A night after snapping his 10-game hitting streak, Naylor collected three hits, including a double.

Josh Naylor called up.

Anyone know the corresponding move?

I assume this is so he can DH over the weekend?


Nice for him to make his MLB debut in TOR, just down the way from his home town of Mississauga. Which by the way, has a great little harbor area that overlooks the lake. MLBTR suggests that it could be Dickerson being sent down to make room.

Quote from David Nevin on May 23, 2019, 6:45 pm

Josh Naylor called up.

Anyone know the corresponding move?

I assume this is so he can DH over the weekend?


Dickerson to 10 day DL with "foot injury" reetroactive to Monday.   Aaron Loup to 60-day; near eligible to return but not close anyway.