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Josh Naylor

Quote from onlypads on February 18, 2020, 7:15 am
Quote from Brian Connelly on February 18, 2020, 6:53 am

New to the position...   some of the same "basics" stuff can be said about Cordero too.  Can't just snap your fingers on a position change & be MLB caliber.

Before Margot trade there was a pretty good argument to have BOTH Cordero & Naylor start in AAA & play every day; either going with only 4 OF & SOMEone OF capable (most of the non-roster INF are being listed as "INF/OF"... even if they haven't played there), or even another RH like Almonte as the 5th guy.

Now it's hard to envision a scenario where either Naylor OR Cordero is not the 4th OF... but is going to have limited playing time.

Put another way, the Margot trade might hurt the development of one of these 2 guys.

Given Corderos recent absence and injury history, I dont see how he is not in the upper minors for at least half the year. Consequently then, it appears that Naylor will have to be the 4th. Complicating matter is the Myers dilemma. Naylor needs time to hone his OF skills but is unlikely to get it as the 4th OFer behind Myers. What to do...

Think you're exactly right on the quandry.  It COULD conceivably play out that Cordero is AAA 1st 1/2, and trades places with Naylor 2nd 1/2.  Not so much b/c Naylor did anything wrong, but he's young enough to spend time in Minors developing.  Cordero is "too old" for minors, but if you subtract the 2 years he's missed from his age it's a different story.

If the 5th OF ("Lagares") is defensively oriented, the 4th OF on this team is more of a PH.  I definitely like Naylor better in that role right now than Cordero.

I can see AJP doing a 2 or 3 for 1 type trade-- Perdomo + Guerra + Hedges to White Sox for C McCaan-- sure he was an AS last season but look at his career and 1st half vs 2nd half splits (2nd half closer to his career norm vs 1st 1/2 -basically an offensive jaguernaught) --still his D/O profile still closer to .700 OPS C with good/great but not elite D... vs Hedges Elite D/ and below ,600 OPS offense-- Maybe a slight overpay, but what if McCaan  is somewhere in between the 1st half and 2nd half player-- then a Win/Win and with Mejia 50/50 split behind the plate-- maybe McCaan wore down-- he may be a "cheapish" addition.. 2 yrs of control just perfect to find out if Torrens or Campusano -- are the "Future" or if Mejia improves enough on D/C to merit full time duty behind the plate