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Andy Green relieved of duties.

I just want somebody that knows how to make a lineup, put guys in position to succeed and know how to handle a pitching staff......all three things that Andy Green was so bad at.

Barajas knows these young guys and speaks the language so if nothing else the Padres should at least give him a cursory look unlike what they did do Dave Roberts which was a garbage move by the Padre front office.

I hate the Dodgers but Doc is a friend and I hope he gets to win the last game of this season because only one team will

Catchers make good managers?

Time to move on from Hedges?

Want a young guy who can relate to players?



What does he say if they ask him for hitting advice? His lineups would be all defense, no offense.

I know “retreads” don’t seem to be popular, but experience and winning experience is always nice to have. An experienced manager with a winning track record could be a nice way to get the attention and respect of a young ball club. After thinking about who I’d like to see manage the 2020  squad (from the list we’ve seen)I’d like two of the “retreads”. Joe Maddon and Ron Washington. Maddon is smart as they come and he’s a proven winner players seem to like. Ron Washington is a great teacher of the game. The Braves love the impact he’s made on their young guys (Ozzie Albines especially), he’s worked with Preller and players LOVE the guy. Bochy and Scioscia I don’t see as fits with this young club.

From the first time manager list I would be excited if Alou, Loretta or Bard got the job. All seem to be  smart baseball minds, well liked and guys that would be able to connect to young guys.


I guess this goes with the territory but feel a bit sorry for Bochy and annoyed with the media ... he announced his retirement and has made it pretty clear that he wanted at least a year off for family yet the media just wants to build a story (and not accept his word) and continue to thrust his name into the Padres mix.

Bochy deserves more respect.

Of the teams heading to the playoffs this year .... how many are managed by individuals who came to their position with a track record of ML managing experience?

I get Francona from Boston ... has not had a losing season in 15 years.

But the qualifications the rest of the managers when the got the job? Boone - Roberts - Hinch - Counsell and can’t even recall the STL or ATL managers. Not all that sure that past ML managing experience (or past success) has much to do with future success these days.


On Washington, most of the commentary has suggested he would be a great add AS A COACH but not as a manager ... despite success in the past.


Where is Brad Ausmus?


Quote from David Nevin on September 22, 2019, 1:01 pm

Where is Brad Ausmus?


Angels. I think he just got that gig in the last year or two.

Quote from JasonE135 on September 21, 2019, 7:42 pm

What does he (Hedges) say if they ask him for hitting advice? His lineups would be all defense, no offense.

Seriously.  This from a guy who doesn't once say HE needs to do better as a position player hitting .180... he spins it in his mind as "my defense is so good I should be starting".  That's not competitive.  It's part of the loser acceptance of mediocrity mentality that's been an intractable issue with Padres position players for years.

Wow.   I was ready for Bochy to go when he did; Pads needed a different voice for a young roster & (endless) rebuild.

Was even MORE ready for Bud Black and his tired, emotionless "we ran into a good (#5) pitcher today" and "we don't want to call up too many guys in Sept b/c it will affect the chemistry of our (98 loss) team" platitudes to hit the road.

I don't feel the same way about Andy Green & literally don't get the venom towards him?

When Preller was first hired he was a "Weak" GM; youth & first time in role.  His actions & decisions were CLEARLY being affected & partially directed by Mike Dee & owners:  bring some "name" MLB players & excitement to SD... we all know how well that worked out.  Despite some serious missteps, with the trading out of the vets & the 2016 Intl bonanza, Preller was allowed to do his job & has grown into at least a "Medium" power/status GM.

But AG was as "Weak" a Manager as it gets.  Young, 1st time, barely MLB player = low profile, etc.  He managed a complete roster turnover, 3 Rule 5 guys all year in 2017, 1 "big" FA in 2018, then 1 "bigger" one in 2019 but with Eric Lauer as his O.D. starter; followed by Lucchessi, an attempted RP conversion (Strahm), and 2 rookies including Nick Margevicius.  4 LHP, 57 starts total among all 5, and 2 guys on major innings limitations.

Then relied extremely heavily upon Tatis goes down for 1 month+ twice... what exactly was AG supposed to do?  How many of his actions & decisions everyone is so vehemently "against" were handed down to him by Preller & Front office?  Gotta love our world when the Manager is responsible for not "getting more out of" the Vet "All Stars" who get paid 15-20x what he does, both with OPS <.600 in Sept because they're freaking mailing it in.

I'm not starting the Andy Green fan club.  I doubted his ability to manage a star laden playoff caliber team... but he sure never got THAT chance.  IMO Firing of Green is either a cynical known-years-in-advance move that was going to be made when the time was right (I'm not completely against this; just saying...), or an indictment of Preller & his "sabermetrics team" joint decision making with Manager, or some combo of both.

If anyone thinks throwing AG under the bus is the solution to everything... good luck with that.