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AA Amarillo Sod Poodles

From today's DFR ...

With Rodrigo Orozco joining Jorge Oña on the Injured List, infielder Ivan Castillo will get a chance to show off a bit more of his versatility. The switch-hitting minor league free agent signee added two more hits while making his first start in the outfield as a member of the Padres organization. The 24-year-old logged 19 starts in left for the Blue Jays’ High-A affiliate last summer. He’s closing in on the plate appearances he’d need for his .353 batting average to officially top the Texas League.

We all know this ... but just for the record ... BA sez ...

Brandon (Massachusetts):

    It feels like Edward Olivares is experiencing a legit breakout this year in AA but it doesnt feel like people are talking about it. What do you think the reason is? and do you think its legit?

Kyle Glaser: One thing to keep in mind is Amarillo is has a giant jetstream and is playing really hitter-friendly. I had one scout last night compare it to Lancaster - not as extreme to all parts of the park, but there are nights the wind picks up and really carries balls out. Most evaluators still see Olivares as an up-down extra OF at this point, but there have been some strides in the right direction.

    Ronald Bolanos was hit hard today ...,game_tab=,game=584618

But a chat at BA had this to say recently ...

Doug (Dayton):

    What can you tell us about Ronald Bolanos in the Padres system? He's someone that stuck out to me in terms of swinging strike rates considering his age (22) at AA. He's also running a respectable BB/9.

Kyle Glaser: He's got a pretty wide velo band, 89-98, and it kind of depends on his focus how hard he throws. At his best he's 94-96 with a really good slider. He's seen as a reliever long-term, but a good one.

Seems like Bolanos is a candidate for Padres' bullpen in 2020 ... is he on 40-man?  I'm guessing not ... and so unlikely to get a September callup ... but he seems ready!

Not on the 40 man ... and is Rule 5 eligible .... guessing he will be protected.

In a world where finding enough good healthy arms is getting more difficult ... he would be an easy select and keep by another team.


side note: Padres currently have 47 players on the roster / 60 day IL .... getting down to 40 at the end of the season should not be that hard but the next layer to make room for the players protected from Rule 5 might be.

Need to keep a core to fill the 2020 26 man roster (and legit call-ups) while preserving the better prospects. With the new 26 man active roster ... teams can more easily keep a position player than in previous years since the pitchers are limited to 13. Could be the year that the Padres start losing prospects in Rule 5.


And so then a Sept call up makes sense, right?

Quote from LynchMob on August 25, 2019, 7:14 pm

And so then a Sept call up makes sense, right?

Yes, with the "limiting" factors being he is already at 129.1 innings and they may want him to pitch for AMA in the playoffs.

Quote from fenn68 on August 26, 2019, 5:56 am
Quote from LynchMob on August 25, 2019, 7:14 pm

And so then a Sept call up makes sense, right?

Yes, with the "limiting" factors being he is already at 129.1 innings and they may want him to pitch for AMA in the playoffs.

Thx ... that makes sense.

I want all of those guys to play in the minor league post-season!

From today's DFR ... news about 3 somewhat-under-the-radar prospects that make me think Padres will have great depth heading into the 20s ... I gotta believe that there are plenty of teams for which each of these guys would be Top 10 prospects (yes, I know Torrens is not a prospect due to his being a Rule 5 pick) ...

Ronald Bolaños turned in his second straight six-inning shutout start to lead the Sod Poodles to victory Sunday. The Cuban righty has had seven stellar outings since the All-Star break, but was hit hard in a few others to yield a 3.51 ERA. With eight strikeouts Sunday, Bolaños has 140 on the year, trailing only Joey Cantillo in the Padres system. The 23-year-old will be Rule 5 eligible this winter.

Gigantic reliever Dauris Valdez struck out all four batters he faced Sunday, continuing his longest stretch of professional success. The righty, who can hit triple digits with his fastball, had an ERA a hair under nine at the end of May. In 26 outings since, the 23-year-old has posted a 3.34 mark with 38 strikeouts. This month, opponents have managed just one run in 10.2 innings while hitting .061 against him.

Making his first start of the year at first base and just his fourth as a professional, Luis Torrens reached base three more times Sunday, pushing his on-base percentage up to a team-best .365. The 23-year-old is one of the few Sod Poodles batters who has been as effective on the road as he has at home this year.

I was wondering about yesterday's short outing by Bolanos ... today's DFR explains ...

Leasher was in the game so early because Ronald Bolanos made a scheduled brief outing as a tune-up for the playoffs. The righty, who turned 23 last week, needed 25 pitches to get through his inning of work. He has delivered 130.1 strong innings across two levels this season.