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Ranking offseason priorities

Liked how Cassavelli ranked these since it informs all the debate on Offseason & Trade threads....   How would you rank needs?

AJ Casavelli:

If the Padres had a Christmas list, it would look something like this (ranked with the biggest needs at the top and the luxury items at the bottom):

1-3:  “obvious needs”    4-6:  “Not necessities”        7-8 “Luxuries”

  1. A frontline starter
    2. An everyday outfielder who hits both lefties and righties
    3. A depth starter                                                                                   
    4. A reliable reliever for the middle innings
    5. A second baseman
    6. A lefty-hitting outfield platoon option
    7. A catcher
    8. Another reliever

Here is mine....

If we don't trade a MLB SP out with Myers, then "Depth SP" AND "Another RP" would both become "Luxuries"....

1-3:  MUST/NEED     4-5: “SHOULD”/Would really help          6-7:  Luxuries 

  1. A frontline starter with 3+ years control                                            FA   Don’t see the TR?

1A.  Trade of Myers (+ MLB SP + prospect/s)?                          (TR out)

  1. A lefty-hitting outfield platoon option                                                FA (C. Dickerson) / TR
  2. A reliable VETERAN reliever for the middle innings                      FA (Stammen or ?) / TR                  
  3. An everyday outfielder who hits both lefties and righties              TR (NOT Castellanos or Ozuna)
  4. Depth starter = Another Reliever (IF MLB SP traded)                 TR/FA (No 8 MM AAV)
  5. A second baseman                                                                                  TR/FA
  6. A catcher that’s better Off/Def balanced than Mejia/Hedges       TR (Have to TR C out too)

One thing that jumps out to me is that what I have as the 3 biggest needs are Only or better available in FA; #4 - 7/8 are Only or better available in Trade

  1. trade Myers (and his contract)
  2. trade Hedges
  3. add a productive full time OF
  4. add a productive LHH full time or platoon OF
  5. add a veteran RP for pen stability
  6. add an innings eater SP of decent quality on a 1 year deal for rotation stability
  7. bring on the internal prospects ASAP mid-season

1)add a full time OF who can hit both RHP and LHP well

2)Trade Myers contract

3)add a steady innings eating SP

4)add a LHH platoon(or more) CF

5)add a true ACE(only if possible without seriously overpaying)


I don't see a real serious need in the bullpen. If AJ feels that we need a steady, veteran presence he will re-sign Stammen. Any other RP would be a risk outside of a top-of-the-line which we don't need and cannot afford. I see Yates, Munoz, Strahm, Baez and Castillo as a BP that most teams would kill for. They are all pretty well proven outside of Munoz and Baez. We also have a ton of minor league pitchers who can pitch out of the BP.

1 - add a frontline pitcher with 3+ years of control

2 - add a frontline pitcher with 3 +years of control

3 - add a frontline pitcher with 3+ years of control

4 - Trade Hedges

5 - bring on the internal prospects asap

So you think we need 3 Starters with 3+’years of control Hoffy?

Who are you kicking to the curb between


Cause I see all four in the rotation in 2021.

I’m guessing you think two are traded?

1. Frontline Starter-I know many of us are more concerned with addressing the troublesome offense. I know we have Gore and Patino on the way. I know many of us think 2020 is a year too soon for contention or a playoff birth. I know the rotation is solid as currently constructed and we have 2 potential ACES in Lamet and Paddack. With all that said, I’d love to see AJP form a bad ass staff for 2020. If the Padres add a frontline starter in front of Paddack/Lamet/Richards/Joey/Cal I think expectations for 2020 change drastically. You plug a Sale, Thor, Cole, Stras, Wheeler, Clevenger, Kluber type in that rotation you are looking at 4 guys (addition, Paddack,Lamet, Richards) who are possible 1’s or 2’s in a rotation. Then you have Cal/Joey as your fifth starter. Joey should’ve been the opening day starter last year and now you have him as your 5th starter. How many teams can stack up with a rotation like that? Not many. I also think it gives you the added benefit of taking pressure off Paddack, Lamet in 2020 and Gore/Patino when they arrive. They can just grow as young pitchers instead of having the pressure of “being the man” right away.

2) Ill take any OF bat who won’t look like a total jackass against right handed pitching.


No David Nevin, not three starters, I just meant, to me, I would put all my eggs in that basket. It's priority one, two and three. If we are ever going to win a championship, starting pitching dwarfs everything else. If we could sign Wheeler or Strasburg we would have a surplus of starters ( Lauer and Lucchesi) and could trade for a left hand hitting outfielder or relief help. Our number one starter before signing a big name then becomes our number two, our number two then becomes our number three, etc. Good pitching beats good hitting and the Dodgers are a great hitting team.

I would like to trade Hedges, and I would like to trade Myers but I don't know that we can without giving up Gore, Trammell, Patino or Morejon, which I don't want to do. I would, however, give up Campusano, Baez, Lawson, etc to do so.

I would hope the Padres could bring up Gore (if he doesn't make the club out of the Cactus League just like Paddock did), Trammel and Patino by the all-star break (maybe sooner).

Oh I’m sure the Padres #1 objective “is” to add a true Ace.

Just easier said then done.

Im pretty sure Thor,Clevenger and probably Kluber aren’t available.

Cole and Stras have 30 teams after them and I don’t believe will end up in S.D.

Sale is probably available....but will cost a ton in prospects,a ton in salary....and has elbow issues.

Pretty much leaves Wheeler or another who we don’t realize is available or don’t consider an Ace.

Unfortunately we can’t just see a need....especially when it’s something that is pretty rare and every team wants and needs.

Sure would be nice if/when are offseason needs someday are limited to a LH pinch hitter and a Utility infielder.😉

30 teams would like to have Cole or Stras.... MUCH smaller # actually in/able to afford them.

Same even true for Wheeler; probably the most desired/"affordable" FA.