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Potential frontline SP trade

Myers hate is so mistaken.  This guy is part of the solution, not the problem.  His defense is vastly improved with more assertive play in both CF and LF.  He's slumping, relax.  Best athlete on the field not named Tatis.

Commie, the interesting thing about your post is that it FEELS like it should be true.  I HOPE you're right and it is... but I don't think so:   Throw out his Rookie of Year and the Sophomore slump the next year; just take his years with Pads...

Low - High Range 2015-2018 (4 yrs):    BA:  .243 - .259 , OBP:  .318 - .336, OPS: .763 - .797

The "3 x almost 30" (2B/HR/SB) year in 2016 was exciting, but sitting at 5 SB & 6 2B 1/3 into season, "3x 20" looks like a stretch.

He constantly finds then loses his swing-- so is either hitting >.300 or <.200 at any given time-- he's not a natural leader; and "got complacent" after 1 good year defensively @ 1B & badly regressed.  This despite getting "bored" in the OF (OK for the kids on my Little League team, not so much for MLB @ 20 MM /yr). Preller & AG definitely haven't done him any favors moving him around positionally & lineup annually to plug the latest hole.  His small sample but real #'s vs. LAD top of rotation are atrocious, and it's been documented that he's ceding the advantage to LHP  because he's either unwilling or unable to change his approach vs them.

OK, but just not really what I think of--especially in last 2 years with contract values down except uber elite top 2-3%, and increased use of early extensions-- as a 20 MM/year caliber LF.  He's NOT, really, to be fair; since salary so far is heavily discounted, but back loaded may be hitting at the wrong time.

His athletic ability is top of the charts, and I'll continue to hope that with the increased quality & depth of lineup & some others coming (back) soon better suited to provide some OBP, he will get in a groove & live up to what it feels like his potential is...

... but we've been waiting 5 years now

So not a trade for a front line SP, but a possible trade to rid ourselves of Myers and more so his contract. This is provided that the PHI/SEA trade doesnt go through. SEA gets Myers, Mejia, and Luchessi or Lauer. SD gets Dee Gordon, Leake, and Bruce. SD clears almost $20M in salary and some LH balance in the form of Gordon and Bruce, and some RH balance and innings in Leake. Plus, all the players come off the payroll after 2020 in the form of contracts ending and $6M in team buyouts. SEA get Myers, Mejia, and a LHSP for less than $8M per year.

Then in 15 days, when SD gets the extra year of control of Tatis Jr, then we call up Urias and FTJ and cut Kinsler.

Just Stop Already