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Padres at Rockies

While every series and every game is important in this short season this series seems just a bit more important than most in the early going.

The Rockies aren't expected to compete for the playoffs this year but because of only 60 games anyone could in reality...and right now their winning.So we need to go into their place and take care of business.Taking the lead in the division and getting a series win "in" Colorado would be huge for us.

Let's hope Wil Myers continues his dominance at Coors and everyone else joins in.

Jon Gray is a good pitcher but we should have the advantage when it comes to pitching...let's just hope the Bullpen issues are an anomaly and they get back to "normal" starting tonight!



This looks like our rotation for next 8 days ...

Fri @ COL ... Richards

Sat @ COL ... Lucchesi

Sun @ COL ... Davies

Mon vs LA ... Paddack

Tue vs LA ... Lamet

Wed vs LA ... Richards

Thu ... off

Fri vs ARZ ... Lucchesi

If we can get to Gray today, we have a chance to win the series.  Toughest match is Saturday against Freeland, who some pick to be a Cy Young sleeper.  I like our chances with Davies on Sunday, but today (after a long game and difficult road trip) will really test the mettle of this team.

This & next series the real proving ground.  Want to win every series, but this one is tough with our 3-5 SP & so far very shaky pen.  Best offense so far vs best P so far; but all the Rox games have been on road.

Big challenges:  Pads hitters staying patient & not flailing at everything trying to hit HR.  Bullpen getting better results & building confidence in Colorado.

Opportunities:  Getting Naylor some AB vs RHP here, getting a hit from a C!

Just looked at the current Fangraphs playoff projections considering games completed this season .... Padres still are clearly projected in 2nd Place in the NL West (4 games behind the LAD) but well ahead of the rest.

Additionally, SD has the best projected record of the 3 2nd place teams.

A bit early to buy into these projections 😳 but Padres would be the #4 seed and get the 3 first round games in SD avoiding travelling to the East Coast or Central for the first time in 2020. Padres win ... probably play LAD and continue to avoid going East. The NL Champion series will be the first need to go East.

I could happen!

Posted line-ups show Naylor at DH behind Myers, followed by Hedges and Cronenworth (1b).  Just need one of those guys to make a decent showing to get back to the top of the line-up.  Likewise, Rockies' lower part of the order is not all-star caliber but they play at home and that will probably give them an advantage.  We'll see if the two LH bats make any difference or we would have been better off going again with Mejia vice Hedges and bringing in the latter to close out the game if we are ahead.

Can’t call it a pattern this early but Hedges has caught Richards while Mejia has caught Lamet as I recall. Maybe a comfort match-up? No idea on the other SP matches ... if any.

Prediction .... a Padres catcher will get a hit in Colorado. Bold I know but like playing the long odds.

Was very happy to see the game time an hour and a half earlier than the last three nights.

Then........rain delay!

I don’t know if it’s a Padre thing....a 2020 thing....or a me thing,but I can’t seem to catch a break!



And.....there wasn’t even any rain!

So,it was definitely a “2020 Year from hell” delay!



Again with Strahm.

Can anyone tell me if Quantrill is hurt?