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Manny Machado signs with Padres!!!!!

Quote from David Nevin on February 19, 2019, 10:36 am

I should have said...”agrees to terms” but I was so excited I said “signs”.

Oh guys know what I meant.

Also Fenn.....don’t forget Hedges/Mejia behind the plate.


Beginning to think that IF Hedges just remains an average hitter for a catcher ... he is top shelf defense and just adds to the superior defensive profile ... more help for the pitchers. I could see Mejia shifting into a trade chip.

If defense is the theme, Margot / Jankowski are plus in CF and actually I think Myers in LF (if he is left there to get settled) looks like he too may be slightly plus. Put those 7 defensive players out there and the young pitching should be well served. Yeh, RF may be deficient with Renfroe - Reyes - Cordero all showing below average defense but if any one can really hit, living with one in the field is fine.

Certainly a test to see how much plus defense can make the pitching more effective.

At least for today:

Mark Feinsand of reported the 10-year deal is worth $300 million, making it "the biggest free-agent contract in the history of American sports."

Key is "free-agent" contact. Never would have thunk it from the Padres!

For a few days anyway.....

This is so nuts. We actually have a 3rd baseman, guys. Just think, in 2020 we could have...

2B Urias
3B Machado
1B Hosmer
DH Reyes
SS Tatis
LF Myers
RF Renfroe
C Hedges/Mejia
CF Margot/Cordero


Don't know if anyone will remember me. I used to post using the handle Bambi19 on the Padres and Chargers Scout boards. I've been lurking here since the migration checking in a few times a week. Machado's signing has me so excited I decided it was time to start posting and get more active again. Our lineup has the potential to be really good for a long time.

Glad to have you Jeremy.


I have already seen two different notes that we aren't out on Harper?

Could this be real?


Could be, very unlikely. Would have to move Myers. Could also be Boras getting the Phillies to bid against themselves.

Jon Heyman says we aren't ruling out Harper yet Kevin Acee says we "are" out on Harper.

Who knows.....but if we got Machado I will stop worrying about Harper.

But I will say...signing Machado may make Harper actually consider SD even more than he was.

Would make for some kind of middle of the batting order!



If your reference is Heyman then we are definitely out. He is the mouthpiece of Boras.