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MacKenzie Gore

I know he's super young, just like Weathers, but man, he has not really looked sharp this year, other than a few starts.  I know he's had blister issues, etc, but it seems he's getting hit pretty hard and walking a fair amount.  Looks like his velocity was up to 98 yesterday.  Hoping this season is just an anomaly

I'm with ya ... I guess this is closer to typical / reality even for a top prospect ... AND we know there are still many, many reasons for hope ...

Here's a comment from ...

MacKenzie Gore: 3.2 IP, 6 H, 4 R (4 ER), 2 BB, 4 SO, 2 HR, 86 pitches, 51 for strikes, 1 GO, 3 FO (definitely seems to be struggling as the season wears on; posted a 2.25 ERA in June, a 3.13 ERA in July, and now a 5.09 ERA so far in August. He’s only 19, and he’s maintained ~3:1 K/BB ratio throughout, so not even close to worried yet)

think Gore and Hunter Greene are both victims of the National hype during the draft.  Way to soon to worry on talent that was (is) that highly regarded. Consider both are in the MWL and have similar stats:

Gore ... 4.45 ERA ...1.30 WHIP ... .260 BAA

Greene ... 4.48 ERA ...1.30 WHIP ... .251 BAA

and Greene is on the DL.

These guys are still so young that they are still learning to pitch.

As long at their "stuff" is still good and they're healthy there's nothing to worry about.


I missed this news from Aug 22 ...

Baseball's No. 11 overall prospect was placed on the Class A Fort Wayne disabled list for the third time this season Wednesday ... to address a fingernail issue

The biggest gaps between ERA and FIP belonged to three 2017 first-rounders: MacKenzie Gore (5.19 ERA, 3.33 FIP), Hunter Greene (4.48 ERA, 3.37 FIP) and Shane Baz (4.47 ERA, 3.94 FIP). That ties into the Sept. 12 Toolshed on BABIP (batting average on balls in play) in which all three were featured among the four highest BABIPs against. Playing at the lower levels, Gore, Greene and Baz didn't have the best defenses behind them, and by combining FIP and BABIP, it's easy to see how their ERAs were inflated by the extra balls in play that fell in for hits. Of the three, Baz's 3.94 FIP in the Appalachian League isn't quite notable as he was hurt by allowing 29 walks in 52 1/3 innings, but it's an improvement on the more traditional statistic. But it explains why Gore will enter 2019 as one of the game's top left-handed pitching prospects, even after experiencing some bumps with Class A Fort Wayne in terms of ERA and injuries.

The video here includes a few pitches that help me understand what the scouts are seeing when they say "Wow!" ...

J.P. (Springfield, IL): Gore had his share of struggles on the mound last year. Was this strictly because of his blisters, or something more as well?

Kyle Glaser: It was the blisters. Everything pointed back to that. That's why the breaking stuff played down and the fastball command was inconsistent. He just couldn't grip or release the baseball the way he needed to. If they come back or stay away next year will be one of the most important things for Padres fans to watch next year, in terms of paying attention to the farm system.

Ken (Lakewood CA): Gore probably has the highest ceiling of all the Padre pitching prospects. But the blister issue is concerning. That said, does Patino have the highest ceiling of the remaining many SD mound prospects? Thanks.

Kyle Glaser: Morejon is actually the higher ceiling of the two. He's got three pitches that are out pitches (Patino is at two right now, although he could grow into a third), and he's got a similar power arm but from the left side. Now, if we looked back 10 years from now and Patino ends up having the best career of all three of them, I wouldn't be shocked. But at this exact moment in time, Morejon is generally seen as the highest ceiling of anyone not named Gore (and some think he has the same ceiling)

AJ (San Diego): Will the Storm be fun to watch this year? Thinking about heading up there for a few games. Thanks!

Kyle Glaser: Absolutely. A potential pitching staff fronted by MacKenzie Gore, Luis Patino, Ryan Weathers and Osvaldo Hernandez is easily worth the gas money up the 15 to Diamond Drive

Just for the record ...