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Luis Patino

From a chat with Eric Longenhagen @ FG today ...

JH: Slurve is generally used as a negative on a slider or curve, but at one point it was a pitch that guys threw on purpose. Is there such thing as a plus slurve? Does anyone currently in the minors have one? 

Eric A Longenhagen: breaking ball shapes exist on a continuum, right? Movement and velo are factors. A slurve, for me, would be when the shape is two-planed and the velo is curvey, in the upper-70s or so. Like I’d say Clevinger has a slurve. In the minors? Maybe Luis Patino?

From a chat with Eric Longenhagen @ FG today ...

Jake: I have watched a few starts dating back to last April through his last ST start. Luis Patino’s windup has gone from very subtle w/a major fall off towards first base to an almost Dontrelle Willis high leg kick and a power drive towards home. Is that a red flag to you when evaluating prospects in that the windup is constantly changing? 

Eric A Longenhagen: Nah, he’s just copycatting Gore. It’s amazing that he can do whatever and still repeat, it’s an indicator of athleticism that he can do that

Patino with some prospect love from Rosenbaum.  He predicts him to be a top 5 pitching prospect at the end of the season

For the record ...

What a game!,game_tab=,game=576812

8.1 IP with only 3 hits and *0* walks!  (9 Ks!)

He was 15 up, 15 down thru 5!

Depending on availability of a roster spot they need to move this kid up and reunite him

with his buddy Gore.

I believe in moving pitchers quickly and avoiding El Paso  altogether.



Quote from David Nevin on August 1, 2019, 5:48 am

Depending on availability of a roster spot they need to move this kid up and reunite him

with his buddy Gore.

I believe in moving pitchers quickly and avoiding El Paso  altogether.



Agree on moving up Patino and getting his feet wet in AA ... maybe about 5 starts unless they want to do some limiting of innings.

No issue with opening a SP slot in AA for a top prospect ... easy to slide some of the lesser arms to the pen or even good arms to limit innings. Would give a chance if warranted to bump up Weathers to A+ or use LE as a spot for Nix and Avila to complete their rehabs.

Agree on keeping all the top pitching prospects out of the PCL .... starting 2020 with Gore, Patino, and (maybe Morejon) in AA really sets up three elite prospects to end up helping the Padres in mid-2020 and clearly in 2021. Lamet, Lauer, and Quantrill have to be looking over their shoulders and could become trade bait ... along with Richards at the 2020 trade deadline.

Patino to Amarillo.

Joins Gore and Edwards.


From today's DFR ...

 Luis Patiño cruised through the first three innings of his second start in Double-A. Then, as he warmed up for the fourth inning, it appeared he developed a blister on his finger and was quickly removed. To look at positives, Patiño was matching Dodgers prospect Josiah Gray pitch-for-pitch. In addition, after walking four in his first Double-A start, the only teenager in the Texas League threw just seven balls in three innings (28 strikes). With just under two weeks left in the season, we will have to see if Patiño hits the IL or not. Either way, Patiño has already set career highs in nearly every category, and should compete for a spot in the big league rotation at some point next year.

46. Luis Patino, RHP, Padres

Aaahh!!! A short right-handed pitching prospect. Luis Patino is listed at 6-foot, 192 pounds, which makes it tempting to bet that his future is in the bullpen. Yet he'll pitch next season as a 20-year-old, and his combination of stuff (he has a lively above-average fastball and a suitable out pitch in his slider) and polish suggests he deserves the chance to continue starting until his body and/or his results say otherwise. There are a few areas where Patino shows his age, beginning with his lagging changeup and extending to his workload. He's yet to throw as many as 100 innings in a season -- understandable given his youth, but also a fairly arbitrary standard that he would've topped had the Padres not shut him down in August after he developed a blister. The other aspect he needs to continue to work on is his command, and it's at least possible that he'll need to ditch the crossfire element in his delivery in favor of being on a more true line to the plate. Yes, many pitching prospects need to work on their changeup, command, and their workloads. But most of them haven't experienced success in High-A as a 19-year-old. Patino still has a wide of range of potential outcomes -- with further development, he's a front-of-the-rotation starter; without, maybe he's just a high-leverage reliever -- and that's okay. For the time being, it's enough to label him one of the game's most interesting and exciting pitching prospects.