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International Signings 2021


May have been reported in past but I had no memory, so dug around a little...  Anyone heard of any others?

Pads linked to 1 top 30 Intl prospect by MLB. com (& Fangraphs):  #19 ("40" Medium risk Present Value grade Fangraphs... Ha-Seong Kim was their #1 @ "50" Medium PV) :   16 y.o. SS  Victor Acosta (SH) DR

As is often the case for a switch-hitter this age, Acosta's two swings are fraternal rather than identical twins and they vary in their efficacy. His barrel drags through the zone from the left side, making it hard for him to turn on pitches and causing him to pepper the opposite field; his righty swing is more generic. But he gets the bat to the ball from both sides and, though small, is a pretty dynamic athlete who might grow into some pop the way D-backs shortstop Geraldo Perdomo has. Acosta has plus defensive feet, hands, and actions, making him a likely shortstop. If he can make even average contact while playing a good defensive middle infield, he'll have a long big league career.

Fangraphs links Pads to 2 other of their Top 40, which had Kim #1, Sugano #9 (?!)

"40+" High risk   16+ y.o. RHP Jarlin Susana DR - 6'5" 195

Susana had a very, very late spike in velocity and progressed from throwing in the mid-80s to the mid-90s during a very short period of time. Because he popped up late relative to his peers, his deal may be for next January rather than during the 2021 calendar year. He's your typical big-framed, big-armed teenage P prospect with both extreme risk & upside.
"35+" Medium 16 y.o. Victor Lizzarraga  Mexico - 6'4" 180
This is the second year in a row in which the Padres have signed the best young pitcher from Mexico, another projectable, athletic righty with middling present stuff but a frame on which you can dream.

Just have to throw this out there from a recruiting perspective...

Dominican Republic -  TATIS, MACHADO, LAMET


Korea -  KIM

Cuba -   Morejon, Baez, Ona

Mexico -  ??  (2 top P in Mexico last 2 yrs)   Huge geographic advantage + maybe Adrian Gonzalez "residual"?

Not too shabby.  Don't think 12-15 in DR will grow up idolizing Corey Seager & Justin Turner  🙂

Padres becoming an International "destination" team?

.... only "negative" maybe your so far extremely high chance of being traded!

Padres have also been linked to LH hitting OF's Samuel Zavala and Daniel Montesino and RHPs Yariel Moreno, Bradgley Rodriguez and Jonny Rosario by Baseball America.  They reported that Susana and LH hitting OF Maikel Munoz are in the next years' prospects.  As we all know, MLB clubs home in on these prospects when they are 13 years old or even younger and try to get some kind of commitment long before they reach the age to sign a contract.

I'm still waiting to see what we have in the two catchers we signed in 2019, Linares and Rodriguez, and the other pitcher of note, Luis Gutierrez.  Hopefully, the Dominican Summer League can start on time.


With the signing date in January, it is likely that those signed will actually play in the year signed instead of waiting until the next year.  May be ugly at first because most will be so young, but it will expose them earlier to test what they have and what needs to be developed.  At least we won't lose one year of development that we typically do from these international signings.

Victor Acosta is signed?

Quote from WindsorUK on January 15, 2021, 11:33 am

Victor Acosta is signed?

That is the current report. The names are beginning to be announced and looks as though the Padres are spending.

Quote from fenn68 on January 15, 2021, 12:36 pm
Quote from WindsorUK on January 15, 2021, 11:33 am

Victor Acosta is signed?

That is the current report. The names are beginning to be announced and looks as though the Padres are spending.

I'm sure Pads plan to spend all of their 5.9 MM allotment.  Most is already gone with > 2/3 of it going to:

# 19 SH  Acosta (DR) - SS @1.8 MM,  #37  Samuel Zavala (Ven) - CF @ 1.2 MM , and #41 LH Daniel Montesino (Ven) - RF 1 MM.

Also 3 P's with 2 $ reported @ 570K combined, and a "5 tool CF" from DR.

I really like the strategy of focusing most $ on position players, since it just seems near impossible to project 16 y.o. Pitchers.  Sign a bunch of them to increase your odds of getting lucky & finding a Lamet or Patino.


San Diego Padres IFA Class:

SS Victor Acosta 🇩🇴

OF Samuel Zavala 🇻🇪

OF Daniel Montesino 🇻🇪

RHP Victor Lizarraga 🇲🇽

RHP Bradgley Rodriguez 🇻🇪

RHP Jonny Rosario 🇻🇪

RHP Yariel Moreno 🇵🇦

OF Eddy Beltre 🇩🇴

Nice flag work Mr P!    I didn't see Lizarraga officially reported signed yet, just that it was a matter of time...

Was it officially reported somewhere?

It sounds like they don't have the $ for Susana this signing period, but planning to for 1 MM+ NEXT signing period.

When is the next signing period?