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Ryan Weathers


Ryan Weathers, the Padres' 2018 first-round pick, worked a scoreless fifth and sixth innings, striking out two.

Michael (San Diego):

    How much separation do you have between Weathers and Cantillo at this point?

Kyle Glaser: Not much, at all. I struggled a lot with ranking those two. They're right next to each other in the Handbook (sneak peak: Cantillo is No. 11) and I cannot honestly tell you that I feel 100 percent confident in having ranked Weathers above Cantillo. Weathers has a little more pure stuff and is a bit more of a natural strikethrower, but Cantillo has the better body, work ethic and singular pitch (his CH). It would not surprise me, at all, if we look back in 10 years and Cantillo has way outpitched Weathers and made me look foolish for this year's ranking.