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Around the League...non Padres

Quote from David Nevin on April 9, 2018, 12:30 pm

So is it a coincidence he's so much better now than in ST or do you think they told him to "hold back"?


Cultural difference based on some of the recent "analysis" of Japanese pre-season and American pre-season.

Here media, fans, et. al EXPECT to see full performance in ST (and get all all excited / angry if a player is not at the fans / media expectations).

Apparently in Japan ... they view ST as practice to get into shape with little or no expectation to perform at in-season levels. Looks like Otani approached ST just that way and got into full season form ... to coincide with when games count.

While this includes a couple of former Padres in the mix, I'll drop it here in the non-Padres thread...

If you don't read David Laurila's stuff at FanGraphs on a regular basis, you're missing out. This is the third in a series of brief conversations with pitchers about incorporating/learning a new pitch. All of them are great, but I think Matt Andriese's comments are especially insightful for anyone who's interested in the realm of player development today.

It's a great reminder that:

1) "It's working" is not the measure of success in developing as a player (just as "it's not working" isn't); and

2) The notion (that's wildly popular in a press box at the intersection of Tony Gwynn Blvd. and Park) that there's still a 1980s-era battle between "data nerds" and the players is patently stupid.

hey @davidmjay that was me who guessed the location/brew 😛

Is Mookie Betts the best player in baseball?



Definitely up there. Fun guy to watch. I'd have him in the top 3. Trout's on pace for the best statistical season EVER right now, so that's hard to go against.

I saw that.....but in what way is his season better than Betts’s?



Mat Latos making friends in the Independent League.


And the Mets have cut Adrian Gonzalez.

I wanted to let you all know that I just realized Tyler Chatwood's BB/9 is 8.2!! And I thought Bryan Mitchell couldn't locate...

According to MLBTR, De Los Santos will start tomorrow for the Phillies. That should chap the hide of some of the readers on here.