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2yrs of Lindor vs 1 yr of Betts


We know AJP job hangs by a string, he must make a MAJOR move this offseason or risk losing his Job, besides adding a TOR or at least another #2/#3 type SP to the group, he needs to add to our offense big time. Given the green light which side (who) would you trade for Lindor or Betts for 2020 (and beyond or not)?


Obviously Lindor means losing Urias, Betts lesser cost prospect wise but likely $30mil 1 yr cost vs Lindor at around $18-$20mil arb.. Lindor likelier to sign an extension too as Betts has already announced FA or bust for him. What does a package look like for both.. I'll guess

Lindor = Urias + Patino + Arias + Naylor + Lauer

Betts = Cantillo + Hedges + Naylor + Lucchesi + Arias

I like Lindor for the + control, the switch hitting, the premium position and IF versatility we would have with him, age and (hasnt ruled out an extension -which can be done now by-passing arb and maybe adding 2 yrs of FA or 2 +1 arb).... + Padres could maybe buy low on Kubler in a package deal where maybe we add Myers + $10 mil + Ona + Bolanos + Morejon to the deal with Indians adding Kubler..

I'd prefer 2 years of Lindor but that package is light.

2 years of Lindor would cost us at least one more of our top 5 prospects.

More Like Urias-Patino-Abrams-Lauer....... or Urias-Patino-Campusano-Weathers/Morejon

Betts would be quite a bit less in terms of prospects plus would be a bigger upgrade in the OF "and" we could probably hold onto Urias.

I doubt the Indians trade both Kluber and Lindor...would be hard to convince their fans they are still trying to compete in 2020 while moving two of their best players at the same time.





Lindor actually did turn down an extension offer from CLE for over $100M, which is why media is under the impression that CLE will at least shop him this winter. I personally think that either player you mention in this post is going to start at Gore or Patino plus Arias or Urias. While I like Lindor a lot, that means you are moving Tatis to what, second base? As Lindor is the better defensive SS and I dont see him moving to 2B, reduces his value when he goes FA, and he IS going to FA.

Betts, as well is definitely going FA. So what is AJP willing to risk, in an effort to "save his job". I think that if you call BOS, that they are going to ask for Yates as well. RP was their major issue last season along with budget constraints. Yates helps with both of those issues.  So are you willing to include Yates? That weakens SD efforts in 2020. Although I am not oppose to trading Yates, as I believe most RP have expiration dates, I just think that you do it for a young player.

Both would make our team better, and we need OF help more than INF help IMO. I still think Preller goes FA for upgrading OF and SP.

AS the owner I would FIRE AJ Preller if he traded away the future of this franchise for either of those two players.

What has been the common thread in the playoffs this year both Astros and Nationals ?   .......PITCHING

You don't trade away you're future on the mound for a 1-2 year Rental

and I have been adamant about 4 or 5 player trades for ONE GUY........that is just Stupid......Nobody is worth that.

Either would be awesome but I don't think Preller is willing to mortgage the future for even one of these two great players.

One season of Betts just isn't worth the prospects he would cost(to the Padres).

As I said i think "two" years of Lindor makes more sense but still the cost factor applies as it would be higher.

I think it's Free Agency or trades for several "smaller" increases in offense.



Think you are way over estimating 2020's performance of the Padres impacting Preller's future beyond 2020 ... some may hope but don't think his job is hanging by a tread. Not going to pull the GM right after hiring the new Manager. Would add that any trade of such magnitude would be approved by Fowler who doesn't put Preller's future as his highest priority.

More importantly dealing with Cleveland and Boston will bump into their legit desire to compete for the playoffs in 2020. Cleveland barely missed and it is fair to assume MINN will head on a downward spiral with a number of their FA losses. Cleveland will listen on Lindor but he will not move this winter unless equal ML value comes in return and considering their offense was the 2019 issue that better include hitters. Boston is in the same boat with some sub-par performance out of their SP (and no RP) but within striking distance of the playoffs. IF Martinez opts-out that solves their payroll issue for the most part ... then dealing Betts destroys their offense ... listen yes, but deal only if the return helps the ML roster in 2020.

So in both cases we are taking about legit MVP type super-stars from teams that need them to compete. Padres have nothing to offer to bolster the Indians' offense (offsetting the loss of Lindor's offense) unless you offer Tatis. Maybe a better chance to get 1 year / $30MM of Betts from the Red Sox. Renfroe (replaces Betts in RF), Yates (bullpen need), and Patino might spark some discussion ... especially if Martinez does not opt out. End result, Boston makes the playoffs ... Padres lose 90 games in 2020 and get a Comp Pick for Betts.

I would rather troll the non-contenders and ply them with prospects for "longer control" options (and lower cost). Marte (PITT, 2 years) and Merrifield (KC, 3 years) provide legit offense and combined they would have a lower salary than either Lindor or Betts. I would take the same approach for Boyd (DET, LHP, 3 years control).

Three teams with under-utilized talent on sub-par teams that will not contend for the duration of the control periods and that would benefit from replenishing their internal prospect pipelines (while reducing some payroll going forward).

I addition, Preller is not acting independently from Fowler. They have said all along that they have a long term plan. Ownership wanted to replenish the farm system and I don't think anyone could do a better job than Preller has done. I think it is ridiculous to think that Preller's job is on the line. He didn't draft Hunter. He did trade for Myers, but I think that everyone thought he would be an all-star player. Anyway, they have a lot of chips at the poker table tanks to Preller.

I absolutely have to agree with David Nevin, fenn68 and hoffy 51 on your views on this thread. Wow, isn't that rare?

Trading away the Farm? Mortgaging the future? Both my trade proposals have like 1 guy who "could be" something special (Patino) I dont see the "real" studs CJ/Edwards/Head/Campusano/Trammell anywhere on these proposals .. I also don't see how Paddack /TOR?/Gore/Lamet/Q/Richards (2020)/Lucchesi/Bolanos /Weather's/Cantillo/Espinoza/Lauer/Patino/etc.. Etc.. Can all go-exist in SD ..all but Espinoza and Weather's will be ready at some point in 2020 and thats 11 SP (say Cantillo needs a full yr) thats 10 SP (if we only add 1 in off-season and not 2 as rumored).. With Yates/Munoz/Castillo/Strahm/Bednar/Baez and Morejon .. Where on earth are we going to play/Keep close to 20 MLB ready pitchers.. EL Paso ?? So they can all lose value with inflated Era's?... Patino's value is really really high .. And with TOR/Gore/Paddack... By 2021 I don't see how a rookie SP (likely 1 or 2 yrs to get it going) is going to be a difference maker like a Lindor (I wouldn't trade Patino for 1 yr of Betts) 4.5-6 WAR ..  Bottomline I think we can comfortably trade 2 SP (not named Paddack or Gore) for a difference maker ..wether or not such P's succeed 2-3+ yrs down the line is irrelevant... Case and point Bosox traded Espinoza who at the time was basically thought off as Gore to US.. They went on to win a WS with the add.. And Espinoza is in his second TJ...  If you want to see a blueprint ..NOT ONE of Astros top 3 SP's is homegrown.. Cole/Verlander/ Greinke ..all traded for.. And Astros are a midmarket team... We have 2 homegrown kids in Paddack/Gore and a stable full of other potential studs.. (Like Astros) but they flip a lot of their baby Ps for MLB proven CY types .. We could do it a bit different but say Strasburg /Gore/Paddack/Lamet/Lucchesi/Richards is how AJP wants to roll in 2020... Then why not flip a Patino/Lauer/Morejon trio into a seriously gifted stud with 2(maybe/or more) yrs of control... I mean no brainer for me really.. And no the Farm or the future are not anywhere in jeopardy with a strong move... We cant just stockpile prospects and keep winning 70 games a yr..

Lets look at the way that CLE fans would look at your trade scenario for one of the top players in MLB.

Lindor = Urias + Patino + Arias + Naylor + Lauer

Urias - A young player that is 2B only and in his MLB hit .223 with 4 HRs, and has been said on this webpage can not catch up to MLB high caliber fastballs.

Arias - A defensive whiz at SS, that hit for the 1st time in his pro career in the hitter friendly CAL league.

Naylor - A DH only hitter than has not been able to put his power into a live game to this point, that hit under .250 this year.

Lauer - A LHSP (destined to be a long reliever) that can barely break 90mph with his fastball and has to work the ball to get someone out, and is the new, cant face a line up the 3rd time guy.

Patino - The only player a CLE fan will probably be excited about.

Can you see why MrP said that this combo is light for one of the top players in MLB.