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2B - Use in house options - FA Signing - Trade?

Since AJP has now traded, what many on here thought was our starting 2B to fill a hole in the OF, how do you prefer manning 2B for 2020?

Option #1 - Would be to use some combo of players already in house, such as Kinsler, Garcia, and France. Garcia is a fine option vs RHP and a nice role player. France still has potential, but probably built more for 3B. And Kinsler was probably just a bad signing that we can not do anything with at this time. Of course, there are some other in house options, such as Esteban Quiroz and Owen Miller are probably close to ready to jump in as well.

Options - Kinsler, Garcia, France, Quiroz, and Miller.

Option #2 - Would be to sign a FA. Until something is done with Myers, SD should be very close to the max of their 2020 budget, having about $9M to spend on maybe another OF acquisition and possibly another SP. So how much would SD want to allocate towards a place holding 2B until Edwards is ready? Based on who gets DFA'd/Non tendered next week, there should be some nice options.

Options - Villar, Profar, Flores, Gennett, Sogard, Schoop, and many others.

Option #3 - Trade for 2B. They obvious choice here would be Merifield from KC. However, if he does become available, there will be many clubs that are interested such as CHC, SD, and many others. This would probably start a bidding war at what will already start at a very high price. I have no doubt that SD could win that bidding war if AJP so desired, but aren't there other spots that we should use our prospect money? Such as ridding us of Myers contract or a SP candidate?

Options - Merifield...........Im sure there are others as well, this seems like the poorest way to fill the 2B vacancy for SD IMO.


What is your choice for 2B going forward.............I think Villar or Profar if they become available will be the choice that I can see AJP making.

Hedge my choice ... depends on how Preller sees utilizing his payroll space if he plans to upgrade OF or another SP .. if those upgrades don't come together then sign a better FA 2B with the money. IF the other upgrades eat the payroll space ... sign a lower cost FA more as a supplement / insurance to cover the internal options.

For me 2B is the tail on the dog ... not letting the tail wag the dog.

I would pick FA 1st choice, In-house 2nd choice.  Really prefer not to trade for 2B with so many options those two ways.

I would also throw Minors FA Ivan Castillo we re-signed into the mix.  Switch hitter, only 24 (Quiroz is 28), won Texas League batting title, but doesn't walk much.  In theory he's Rule 5 eligible, but in reality any team including us could have signed him to a Majors contract & didn't.  I'm sure Quiroz & Miller will be in ST, hope Castillo is too.

I'm frustrated because I really believe the Padres can have a complete, competitive contending team with really no obvious immediate holes built for now AND future with just 3 moves:  adding a 2B, adding an everyday OF (coupled indirectly with a trade out of Myers), and yes, adding a TOR SP.   With a signficant amount of $ going out with Myers + ?, plus a significant drop in payroll next year, they do not have to go to an extreme payroll to do this... but I can't figure a way out to wedge it into 140 MM total payroll.  Can get 2 of the 3 MAYBE.  So obviously if can get a TOR SP & good OF, I'd definitely choose that & live with our in-house options at 2B.

This question is hard to answer without knowing AJ's plan. I am sure that he has one. I don't see him trading our starting 2B without an idea of what he is going to do to replace him. I also don't see him trading our starting 2B for a part time player, which is why I think that Grisham will be getting around 500 AB unless he falls on his face. We already have several part-time players in our OF. Either this is our OF or somebody else(Myers) has to go. Maybe this means that Preller is counting on a rebound from some of our existing OF.

As far as 2B, I really like Villar. I don't see why everyone isn't after him. .260 plus lifetime BA, reasonably good OBP, 25-60 SB and 10-25 HR power? What else could we want? And he is a LHH. I know he will cost around $10 million, but he will fill a hole and do it WELL. Now that we have a hole at 2B, let's fill it with the best possible talent.

One thing we need to keep in mind going forward is that AJ Prellers job is on the line.

Now maybe Fowlers statement that "heads will roll" was heat of the moment and they won't this year as per Seidler.....but we gotta win 80 games this year I would think?

This is why I know adding Grisham and Davies is not the extent of our offseason.

Add to this that we really only have 2b and corner OF as positions to improve the offense.

So IMO AJ is going to do everything he can to add as much offense as he can in these positions....even if it means trading way too many and way too good of prospects for our liking.But as far as 2b in particular it does depend on what he has going on with teams right now.

If he can add two more good offensive outfielders then I could see him using in house options at 2b.

If not.....then look for an upgrade there.

I think the Royals are gonna want a ton for Merrifield ......but as i said,AJ's gotta start winning so what good do all these prospects do him if he's gone ?

It's going to be interesting either way.

Either we add a TOR starter somehow......or we should expect at least two more trades for offense.




All that being said my choice would be claim Villar.

Second choice sign Kendrick to a 2 year deal.

Third choice sign Sogard to a 2 year deal.

This is all based on us "not" being able to swing a deal involving Merrifield.

When will we know if Villar is picked up and by who?

He's 28 and stole 40 bases with 24 homeruns and only has 2 years I believe left in Arb.

Doesn't this work perfectly for what we are looking for?

I gotta believe there isn't anyone ahead of us in the waiver order who would want a $10 mil 2b?




Quote from David Nevin on November 29, 2019, 2:17 pm

When will we know if Villar is picked up and by who?

He's 28 and stole 40 bases with 24 homeruns and only has 2 years I believe left in Arb.

Doesn't this work perfectly for what we are looking for?

I gotta believe there isn't anyone ahead of us in the waiver order who would want a $10 mil 2b?




2020 is his only remaining control year so a claim is basically $10-11MM commitment.

Should know on Monday (which is also the non-tender deadline at 5PM Pacific). Just guessing that no team really believes his 2019 is repeatable and his expected performance is not worth $10-11MM and that money is better served elsewhere.

Never totally sure on which waiver rules apply when but I think it is possible that if more than one team puts in a claim ... Baltimore still can trade him to the highest bidder rather than just letting him go to the priority claiming team. Still my guess is he clears and no matter which team signs him it will be for less than the ARB projection.

A reason to hold off on committing to Villar is ... money. Padres have added money with Davies, then if they have their crosshairs on adding someone like Dickerson as a corner OF / LHH at about $8MM and want to pursue Ryu as the TOR arm at $18MM+ that is adding a lot of payroll (>$30MM) vaulting the payroll into the $150MM range. Adding another $10MM may not be choice.

Multiple hurdles ... who will actually sign with the Padres and at what price (TBD, unknown) ... what is the real salary limit (internally known) ....  can the Padres shed some salary, how much, when and how? (unknown). All mixed to try to set the best 26 man roster ... not just improvement in one spot.

Made more difficult to navigate since all the moves go on their own timeline driven by the players and other teams involved. Back to my earlier post ... Preller should go all out on his highest priority moves (probably not a 2B at $10+MM) in deployment of the money available and trade chips in play.

A lot of moving parts to harness.

$10 prospects..... for a 3.0+ WAR 2b for one year with heads on the chopping block and an obvious need?

I could see it happening.