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2020 Season

I still think that Urias will be valuable for the Brewers long term ... maybe that's just my hope ... but it sure seems like Urias has a sweet swing that will develop into an above average MLB bat ... and I/we have always like his defense, right?  And I'm saying that even if/when Urias develops, the trade will still be a win for Padres ...

Luis Urias was one of my favorite minor leaguers and I thought a sure bet to hold the Padres second base position for years to come...and then he changed his approach at the plate!  It seemed he began to think he was another Altuve and the easy contact from foul pole to foul pole and excellent on-base percentage with very few strikeouts disappeared for fly ball outs and more swings and misses.  Like you, I still think he can be an excellent hitter but he needs to do what was successful for him a couple of years ago.  I concur that the trade was a Padres win because it is harder to find good hitting, good fielding OF's than it is to find 2b men.   Grisham has his warts but I believe in the near term, he will be more valuable to the Padres than Urias would have been.

Hope Urias works it out but do think after seeing him ... that ultra high ceiling some were projecting (e.g. batting title type player) may have lowered ... still a very good ML 2B but 2B need to be more than good to hold peak value.

Agree his approach seem to change and seemed a bit behind that good FB (and everyone now seems to be going with high velocity arms).


Without scrolling through the entire forum, would someone with a better memory than me( probably most of you guys!) list ALL the players we gave up since last winter and ALL the players we brought in.

Outside of Cronenworth, Adams, and Nola, we seemed to have shipped out a lot of guys for not a lot of guys that will contribute to our 2021 team.

I don’t have the list handy but....we basically secured C,CF,and 2b for 4-5 seasons.

Other than the recent news about Clevinger it’s all good.


Jesus, I totally forgot about Grisham.



Some of the guys we lost will be good major league players.

But we did what we had to do and went for it and didn’t do it for the short term.

I hope guys like a France and Cantillo and Trammell have good careers.

I think Gabe Arias will be a good player also.


A friend posted this on another site, without citing source ... but still fun/interesting enough to pass along ...

Top 5 NL Cleanup Hitters SLG

(minimum 56 PA)

Kole Calhoun .804

Brandon Belt .743

Dominic Smith .655

Eric Hosmer .644

Marcel Ozuma .583