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2020 Season

Current snap shot of how FG sees each team's WAR (Batting + Pitching = Total) for the 2020 Season ...

Dodgers 33.3 21.8 55.1
Astros 34.0 19.9 54.0
Yankees 27.2 23.8 51.0
Twins 29.6 18.0 47.6
Mets 21.0 23.9 44.9
Rays 21.6 23.2 44.8
Nationals 21.9 22.9 44.8
Athletics 26.9 17.7 44.6
Braves 25.3 17.9 43.2
Angels 28.3 13.8 42.1
Indians 23.3 18.0 41.3
Cubs 23.3 17.4 40.7
Red Sox 24.4 16.2 40.6
Padres 20.1 19.8 39.9
White Sox 24.1 15.7 39.8
Brewers 19.8 18.8 38.6
Phillies 21.1 17.0 38.1
Cardinals 19.8 17.0 36.7
Diamondbacks 19.6 16.5 36.1
Reds 15.7 19.8 35.6
Blue Jays 18.8 12.6 31.4
Rangers 11.3 19.6 30.9
Rockies 13.5 15.5 29.0
Pirates 12.0 16.5 28.5
Royals 14.3 10.2 24.6
Giants 13.5 11.1 24.5
Marlins 11.5 12.1 23.7
Tigers 10.8 11.7 22.5
Mariners 11.7 10.4 22.1
Orioles 8.7 8.9 17.6

Interesting ... will not be right (never is) BUT if it played out that way ... the good (Padres have the 6th best team in the NL) ... the bad (Padres miss the wild card by a pretty good amount to the Braves and Nationals).

With that comparison ... Padres best hope is that in the NL East three pretty equal teams: Mets (44.9); Nationals (44.9); and Braves (43.2) beat up on each other costing the second and third team a lot of wins while the Padres (39.9) beat up on AZ (36.1), COLO (29.0), and SF (24.5) to gain extra wins. Actually the Phillies (38.2) will make it even more difficult for two Wild Cards to come out of the NL East. Result Padres out wins the Nationals and the Braves for the Wild Card slot.

Print those playoff tickets! IT CAN BE DONE.

Spring Training suspended .... regular season delayed ... no organized group workouts until further notice .... basically we are in a second off season.

Have not yet seen this from the Padres but a number of other teams are optioning players off their 40 man rosters to the minors now. Why now? None are getting paid regular season money. Will the teams save some money IF the league and union come up with some compromise pay (service time) plan? Timing is just curious.

Also, noted that given the extended delay ... a spate of players have decided to have the TJ surgery immediately rather than trying to rehab through the injury and potential pitch in 2020. Makes sense. No Padres (yet) but notably Chris Sale is having the surgery.

Andres Munoz and Reggie Lawson both had TJ surgery today!

I mean.....where did that come from?


Quote from MrPadre19 on March 20, 2020, 3:14 pm

Andres Munoz and Reggie Lawson both had TJ surgery today!

I mean.....where did that come from?


Sounds as though across baseball .. and probably for Munoz and Lawson ... they are opting for have the TJ surgeries immediately to have the players back mid-2021 using the lost 2020 as recovery time.

Likely both had a condition that was borderline that they may have tried work through if a season was at hand. Without a season (or enough of one) probably though the more aggressive approach was warranted to get an earlier return.

Both are young and with the success with Paddack / Lamet ... they could return better for a real role in 2022.

Munoz has had a partial tear for a few years now. He had a PRP injection for a strain 2 or 3 years ago, so TJ has been coming ever since then.

Well, there's a 40-man roster spot...

Quote from Brian Connelly on March 21, 2020, 9:01 am

Well, there's a 40-man roster spot...

IF they end up needing one. The length of the delay may have some impact on their need (desire) to add a non-roster player ... and a shorter season may reduce the need for a later add. Impossible to predict. Note they do have Valera (out of options) as a DFA before they get to Munoz to the 60 day as an alternative.

Depending on how the league redefines 2020 for service time purposes but the debate should arise again on (at the appropriate time) Munoz to the 60 day OR just optioned to the minors. As of now, think he only has 80 days of service time and has 3 minor league options. Given as close he appeared to ML ready ... might choose to burn a minor league option and preserve the 6 control years unless they absolutely need that roster spot.

Espinosa went to the 60 day as they needed the roster spot (in their minds) after they claimed (for some reason) Valera. Note that he only has 2 minor league option years and may need both to be ML ready so Espinosa to the 60 day makes some sense.

Lawson is non-roster, so likely added next winter (potential too high to risk Rule 5), and will have 3 option years to fully recover ... should be fine and should preserve his 6 control years.

Service time negotiation is critical to players and teams. Consider Kirby Yates who needs about 151 more days to achieve FA status ... about 5 months and even with a compacted / extended season going to be hard to achieve if the season does not resume until June.

At Yates' age, not going to FA after the season, may cost him a lot.


Teams (and players) such as Paddack with one year of service time are on the bubble ... does a team lose a year of control for a shorten season ... does the player's FA get pushed out a year ... again financially a big debate.

Fenn, what you just said is exactly why the league is trying so hard to get the season in full, even if it doesnt end until November.  It makes the FA and arb numbers so much easier.

Also Japanese and KBO are starting up spring training.  They are having games in empty stadiums, but at least its baseball.  Anyone ready to watch KBO games at 5 am to get your live sports fix?