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Taylor Trammell

Probably does not make that much difference where they start Trammell in 2020 IF he is as talented as the believe.

Probably ST will set the tone on where he stands on development. I guess a minor factor (if he looks ready to move) will be their desire to move J.Rosario to AA ... consistent with their aggressive promotion philosophy.

In the past would think we would not see Trammel until 2021 given his 2019 performance in AA but in this era the rapid elevation to the ML of players such as Tatis, Paddack ... and others such as Soto, Guerrero, Robles, Acuna, etc. would suggest if Trammell shows well we could see him mid-2020.

Timing may be impacted by the other OF moves the Padres make (or don't make) over the winter plus how the team is performing. If they call him up ... they will call him up to play a lot. Given the current crop of OF and the team results ... could be a very low bar to clear for Trammell.


You never can tell. Last year I though Urias would have had the 2B job out of spring training, and then they sign Kinsler. I bet they will stick with placeholders again until Trammell absolutely forces their hand. But you never know.

I think signing Kinsler was a sign they thought they would contend this year.

They were obviously ahead of themselves by a year......or two.

When asked about outfielder Trammell, Kemp gushed about the newest Padres prospect.

“I love Taylor Trammell,” said Kemp, who managed the Padres squad Tuesday night. “He’s vocal in the dugout. [He] is the oldest guy in camp. We have one Double-A hitter in instructs … Taylor Trammell. He hits the walk-off, next meeting, we have a player’s only meeting and were showing it to our guys and he shows up the next morning. That type of stuff gives him a chance to be a separator.”

Trammell's Petco Park debut was an impressive one. Acquired from the Reds in the Franmil Reyes deal at the Trade Deadline, Trammell wasted no time acclimating himself. Rangers prospect Osleivis Basabe led off the game with a single to center field, but Trammell ranged and cut it off before uncorking a laser to second to nab a greedy Basabe. Trammell would tack on a single during the Padres' two-run fourth.

Trammell authored a strong finish to the 2019 season at Double-A Amarillo. He batted .310/.356/.643 during the postseason, including the go-ahead grand slam in the decisive Game 5 of the Texas League championship. Trammell will be invited to big league camp next spring, with the hope to make an impact at Petco Park next summer.

"This is going to be something that I'm going to work toward for the offseason and Spring Training," Trammell said of his first visit to San Diego. "I'm very excited that I'm here. ... It's been a great opportunity."

Taylor Trammell (Finally Breaking Through?):

    After making some mechanical changes to my swing once traded to the Padres, I really showed what I am capable of offensively in the Texas League playoffs. Do you think the Padres have unlocked something in my offensive game where I'll finally consistently tap into my plus power in 2020 and re-establish myself as one of the best prospects in baseball?

Kyle Glaser: The biggest thing with Trammell was getting him on time. The Padres made the adjustments to his hand position and stance to help him be on time with his swing, and we saw the results. Trammell doesn't have plus power, however. It's more average pop. It's really going to be up to him whether or not he maintains his swing improvements and makes the most of his talent. You generally bet on high-makeup individuals like him doing so.


Warren (New London):

    Physically, CJ Abrams reminds me a lot of Michael A Taylor. I know I'm not supposed to take the 2023 lineup too seriously, but isn't Abrams a much better candidate for center field than Taylor Trammell? (Surely Josh Naylor isn't going to be able to play right field, so maybe Trammell in left and Grisham in right?)

Kyle Glaser: Abrams was penciled in at CF until the Xavier Edwards trade, which forced some juggling. You are correct that Trammell is not a great fit in center because he's not a natural defender there, and Naylor is really a 1B/DH who is miscast as an outfielder. You should read it as the Padres need to find a true center fielder to improve their outlook as a club.


Andy (SoCal):

    If the Padres truly found a mechanical fix to Taylor Trammell's swing late last season, do you see potential for a future 30 HR/30 SB 5 tool monster in there? He's shown flashes but hasn't been able to consistently tap into his plus power in the past.

Kyle Glaser: 30-30 is a bit much. Think more 20-20. His defense, arm and power are all average tools, at best. He's still got a chance to be a very good player (.260, 20-20 with solid defense is a darn good player) but I sense Padres fans are overestimating the ceiling here.