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Summer Camp

Don't they report today?

Have they been testing or will that also just start today?


I think practices start tomorrow?

AJ Cassavell


The Padres have a formal workout slated for 3 p.m. It will be open to media in a socially-distant press box, which means I will be wearing pants today for the first time in 109 days.

Eu, TMI, now that's a picture I can't get out of my head!

I’m really hoping we don’t have any positive tests come back.

Staying healthy in general....and with COVID specifically...will play a big part in this season I’m afraid.


Health (or the lack of health) will dramatically change the balance of teams this season ... both during summer camp and early in the season going to be interesting to see how teams approach getting players to full game speed. Too aggressive and a hamstring or oblique can put a key player out 15 - 30 days (1/4 to 1/2 the season in 2020). Too conservative and maybe the team ends up chalking up extra losses early and is in a big hole that in a short season can't be reversed. Then throw in the COVID-19 unknowns.

Those injuries are so random ... impossible to handicap a 60 game season.


Tommy Pham tests positive.

Here we go......

Pham was the only Padre player or coach to test positive and he is asymptomatic and currently quarantined.  (Can rejoin the team after 2 straight negative results 24 hours a part)

Yates is the lone player not in camp.  His family was dealing with "non COVID illness" and would be reporting sometime this weekend.

Looks as though the Padres will have daily inter squad games of varying lengths depending on the pitchers. Had one yesterday with Lucchesi, Patino, Guerra, and Johnson pitching. (no stats kept).

They plan on keeping 30 at PETCO and 30 at USD (basically the group unlikely to make the opening day roster but some shuttling of pitchers between the two sites as needed).

They are trying to make the games as realistic as possible ... so walk-up music, etc. and trying to run normal game strategy.

With so many players in Summer Camp, does anyone have any news about the Padre coaching staff in San Diego right now. One extra pitching coach, two? With such young pitchers such as Wilcox, Cantillo and Weathers, they will need some extra attention if they are to improve.

An extra batting coach for Abrams, Arias, Marcano, Head and Hassell III?

An extra catching coach for Campusano? I don't know what his nickname is, but I would love "Campy" for us old fans of Roy Campanella.