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Regular Season thread.

Opening 4 game home series against the Gnats.


What a tremendous start for Lauer today.

Big day for Myers......great start for Tatis......Bullpen shuts the door.


on a side bad are the Giants?......and what’s the over/under on when Bumgarner is traded?


Mad Bum gets traded Friday after the ASG to MIL, July 12th.

Nice game by the Pads, I like Tatis mixing it up with bunt against a very good pitcher. Getting picked off, youngster mistake, acknowledge and move on.

Myers, nice game! HR to right center, not pulling off the ball, gonna be a good thing having Manny hit behind Myers.

SF looks old and tired. Not sure much left in Posey, Belt, Longoria, Crawford plus a lot of age / injuries sitting behind Bumgarner in the pitching staff. Could be a sad finish to Bochy's career.

It should be interesting to continue to watch Lauer ... he finished 2018 strong and was kept pretty much under the radar during ST as he worked on his slider but when in "A" games very effective. Padres have liked him for some time as a pitcher who does not get rattled ... plus command over multiple pitches even though he is a low 90s FB. He was all that today. Maybe he is "only" a #4-5 BUT a very good bottom of the rotation arm that will win them games.

Yep......probably not a coincidence Bochy is retiring now.

Gonna be a rebuild for SF that will take a few years.

Good thing they have money to spend....not much coming from the system anytime soon.

Other than Bart and Ramos(both top 100) they are pretty light in prospects.


Actually I take that back.

Giants are 5th in team payroll at $173 mil.....yikes!

They’re paying guys like Samardzija,Melancon,Belt and Crawford ALOT of money.

Maybe some is coming off soon?


Some take-a-ways from today at Petco......44,600 today - Best ballpark in America !

The Fly Over was very cool and anybody that knows how hard that is to pull off from a Military standpoint would probably agree.

Loudest Ovations....Machado for sure, Tatis Jr and Chris Paddack

Lauer was crafty sharp today....very composed, in and out, up and down and when he needed to put a little giddyup on his fast ball he did with location and then threw the same pitch 5 mph slower and I won my side bet that he would pick somebody off today 🙂

Meyers is dialed right now...anytime you are smoking the middle of the field you are locked in and he was today. Kinsler is a Pro and will be a great asset at 2B, Machado has just a flat out cannon when he needs to show it...the smile on my face knowing we actually have a 3B is huge and Bumgarner worked him over today with cutter after cutter...Machado will be just fine

The buzz today was very cool....people are actually optimistic and at least for a day....Tied for 1st in 2019 🙂

On a Sidenote....I was so happy to see one of my former players make his MLB debut today for the Giants....Conner Joe. Just a great young man from a great family. Got to chat with him after the game and he was very stoked and had all his family there....Awesome

Could not have been a better day

Go Pads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Padres over .500 for the first time since.....?

Did I read 2015?

Great start by Lauer. I'm thinking he and Lucchesi are here for a long time.

Go Pads!

SF must have the worst or 2nd worst outfield. I know Parra wasn't starting but what a dumpster fire they have with that whole roster and payroll

Assuming Cordero does go down to play every day tomorrow, he would be the injury callup for ALL MLB OF.  Other Depth:

C - Short term DL:  Austin Allen.  Long term DL:  Chris Stewart.  Probably would prefer Stewart early in season, but impractical unless a roster spot temporarily opens with C on 60-day.

2B & SS & Util:  Urias.  COULD be Guerra for Util (Garcia), but he would have to show dramatic improvement with the bat

3B:  France

1B:  Lots of choices.  Early in season, best option might actually be Cordero, with Myers moving to 1st.  Naylor most obvious, but a permanent roster add.  Other options already on 40-man:  Pirela, France, even Austin Allen.

RP:  Temporarily thin, basically G. Reyes.  But Wieck already close, M. Diaz throwing, maybe Perdomo settles in with a routine to work around, etc.  Depth here should wind up a strength...

SP:  ... but not here!   Erlin.  That's it.  Hopefully as season progresses L. Allen & Quantrill both move past tough ST & begin to push for time.