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Pitching Coach

I hear our new coach has a reputation for developing the slider. This is great for Munoz, Patino, Gore, Richards, and Lamet etc.

I am not sure about Paddack though. I would be hesitant to go down that road with his TJ history.  Would rather him build innings and continue to work on the curve--if it becomes serviceable he is even better. Right now the curve does not generate misses. I think Paddack is critical to our contention.

On the other hand if he develops a fourth pitch (slider), wow, he could be dominant.

If we were going to pick up a former NY pitching coach to teach our young guys how to throw a slider, I would much rather have seen us hire Dan Warthen. His slider has made monsters out of DeGrom, Syndergaard and Harvey. The Warthen slider seems to be one of the most effective pitches in baseball. Warthen might have been the only guy in baseball that I might have preferred over Ballsley. Oh well.

Munoz could definitely use some work on his slider. Gore might benefit  from some help with it as well. Patino and Lamet already have monster sliders. I wouldn’t want to see them messed with.

I would love to see Paddack develop a slider. I know it is sometimes said that it is hard on the elbow, but since 70-80% of pitchers in mlb throw one and those that do continue to do so after Tommy John, I don’t see how it can have such a huge effect. An improved curve or a slider is needed for Paddack. I would be fine if he could speed up his curve to reduce the break some and allow him to land it for a strike while making it look more like a fastball. Whatever, I am sure he is working on it and will do whatever is best for him.

Baez, Munoz, Gore and Quantrill can all benefit from our new coach’s knowledge of the slider. I hope to see some real improvements!

P.S.-I wish we could find someone to teach our guys the splitter. It is my favorite pitch, it is incredibly effective (just ask Yates and Ohtani) and it is severely under-utilized in MLB.