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Padres DH Lineup

  1. Tatis (R) SS
  2. Grisham (L) CF
  3. Pham (R) LF
  4. Machado (R) 3B
  5. Hosmer (L) 1B
  6. Meyers (R) DH
  7. Cordero (L) RF
  8. Mejia (S) C
  9. Profar (S) 2B

I probably would go with Naylor at DH and Myers in RF as the “base” line-up BUT have Cordero (because of his athletic ability) appear in LF-CF-RF-DH as needed while keeping his bat in the line-up.

Maybe Cordero “could be” a better RF than Myers but have yet to see that along with the jury still being out on both Cordero and Naylor as ML hitters. Need to get them both ABs to find a “winner” at the ML level. I also, based on his record vs LHP and his high K%, am a bit cautious about ceding a starting role to Cordero if the Padres want to contend in a short season. I probably should add that looking at Grisham’s home/road splits last season ... the “given” that Grisham holds a full time CF role still is in question despite the PR so Cordero may end up in CF.

Oh yeah, is Pham’s elbow fully recovered? If not, is he the DH?

Think we need to be flexible well into the season to construct a DH line-up ... don’t see anyone in the minors that ... in 2020 ... would make an offensive impact.

The team has too many DH between Naylor, France, Myers, Mejia, etc...

Optimistic they go with matchups and the hot hand.  Also lets see how long Franchy lasts

Quote from Ben Davey on June 25, 2020, 11:38 pm

The team has too many DH between Naylor, France, Myers, Mejia, etc...

Optimistic they go with matchups and the hot hand.  Also lets see how long Franchy lasts

Agree.  We should be OK @ DH... for a NL club that wasn't "planning" on it.

vs RHP:   Naylor, Cordero, Mejia (S)

the bigger issue is vs LHP:  Myers will be in the field as an OF.  Hedges actually was even worse vs LHP than RHP, so could argue Mejia should be at C those games.  That leaves....   MAYBE France?  But it's conceivable he could even get some play on field @ 1B for Hosmer who has been BAD 2 straight years vs LHP.   To say we miss Franmil Reyes in this scenario is an understatement... but no way to foresee it, so no point crying about it.

Most likely they let Hosmer take the field the majority of the 15-20 games vs LHP, which leaves France as the best DH option... Pads could look to add a vet Minors FA type here...

The biggest question surrounding the DH is whether Hedges starts 75% of games.  If Mejia is starting 60% of games (or 3 in 5) then he could DH one game and be off one game.  If Hedges is starting 3/4 of the game, then either Mejia is the DH a lot more or ends up sitting on the bench.

Assuming Pham is 100% and can play all games in LF,
Grisham plays 80% of games in CF (Franchy or Lagares plays the other 20%)
Myers/Naylor/Franchy split LF and DH

I just really hope we dont see a Jose Pirela type at DH every game.

Remember most likely they will be at 13 position players max .... so a call will have to be made that does not include some of the options ... and even less likely they add a non-roster RHH for part time DH at the expense of some of the other options and a force a 40 man roster move.

Right now the leaders in the clubhouse for the 5 bench/DH slots would be Naylor (L), Cordero (L), Garcia (L), Mejia (#), and one of a selection of France and Cronenworth (L). If they added a non-roster RHH OF (Almonte #).. likely Cordero or Naylor go and if they add a RHH INF (Dozier) likely Cronenworth goes.

I guess ST will force the call plus how much they like France as the RHH DH option (only 25% of the games) to pair with Naylor or Cordero. Although Mejia might work at DH ... given a very game filled season off a limited ST might want to give catchers some total days off and given the short season may not want to see Hedges bat all that much.

We have seen Cordero not being all that good vs LHP ... so maybe some advantage to Naylor if teams relieve with LHP ... less urgency to sub in France only to see a RHP come in later.

Took a look at LHP/RHP splits over the past two seasons for most of the prime bench/DH candidates. First, included Profar but it looks as though he can justify playing full time at 2B ... alternative not really any better (usually not as good).

Cordero does appear as the best DH candidate vs. RHP (not a big sample size) but as expected ugly vs LHP.

Vs. LHP .... looks as though Brian Dozier might have a case with the best wRC+ and not a bad wRC+ vs RHP. Then if you think that in a short season want to have some greater certainty in the line-up to get a fast start ... Dozier is the more proven commodity and adds more veteran leadership who has been through ML pressure situations.

So a case for Cordero / Dozier with Hedges / Mejia catching ... two slots still open.

Naylor is a LHH but seems the most "balanced" hitter LHP and RHP with decent numbers v LHP but can't field. Garcia can play some INF, has experience, but can't hit LHP (no minor league options). France seem good vs. LHP but not all that good vs. RHP plus very limited experience in ML. Cronenworth just does not have the track record yet so hard to include him.

Maybe Naylor (L), Cordero (L), France, Dozier give both LHH/RHH options and OF/INF options. Room for Dozier made by DFA of Garcia ... maybe a fair trade-off although more likely Naylor to "taxi squad" ... keep Garcia ... Munoz to 45 day IL.