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Padre Brown at PETCO

Has anyone heard about any color changes from blue to brown at PETCO or Peoria? Seats? Outfield wall? Locker room?

Have not heard about Petco. But if I had to speculate, they will not change seats at the Peoria Sports Complex since it is a dual complex. And the Mariners are still blue, not that they are more important that SD as a tenant, just no need to spend money on a superficial change. I do know that there are additional changes/improvements coming to PSC, just dont count on it being seat color changes.

Maybe the outfield walls?

While we're at it (and rather than start a new thread), has there been any word on Padres spring training uniforms? I'm a little surprised we haven't seen anything on that yet. I really hope the hats feature a swinging friar.

Also while we’re at it...anyone know where to get a new hat?

MLB shop has been sold out of almost every size since way before Christmas.

I don’t know where to get one?

I need a 7-1/4