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Offseason predictions/Guesses

So forget who you want us to get....put down some names and lets see if anyone guesses right.

Lets say we guess:





Who knows if we will add anyone at 2b or C but that has been the rumor.

You can use free agents or trades.

You don't have to include who we will give up in a trade.

I thought about adding a bullpen addition but figure that would be pretty difficult to guess unless we just use free agents?

If you'd like you can add a free agent reliever for extra credit.....:)


Starters-Jon Gray, Cole Hamels(because he is the cheapest guy that they can bring in that they can even semi-legitimately claim is a possible ACE that they promised to go after)

Outfielders-Corey Dickerson, Akiyama




SPs - Hamels and Kluber

OFers - Dickerson and Akiyama

2B - Gennett

C - Lucroy

SP - Madbum and Duffy I really have a hunch that we have had discussions with the Rays for Snell - obviously a pipe dream

OF - Marte and Akiyama

2B - Villar

C - Stand Pat


OF-Mitch Haniger (Myers goes to Seattle w/prospects)

OF-Andrew Benintendi.

2B-Eric Sogard(Urias traded to Boston with others)

C-Travis D’arnaud(Dont think we make an add here but)




SP -  Wheeler

OF - C. Dickerson, Akiyama

2B/1B/LF - Howie Kendrick (keep Urias!)

C-  No adds (Trade Hedges, replace with Torrens or A. Allen)

RP -  Stammen

still creatively accounting to get < 140 MM... 😉

+5 to Roster.  -5:  Myers, Lauer, Bolanos, Hedges, Kinsler

Starters - MadBum + Kubler

OF - Benintendi + Mazara

C - Nevarez (Seattle)

2B - Villar

SP: Hamels (LHP)

OF: Dickerson (L)

OF/INF: Holt (L)

C: none

2B: none

2 year deals

Fenn, I was really close to choosing Holt as my 2B/INF add as well. If they sign him, do you think that ends the tenure of Garcia then?

Maybe, but given Holt’s versatility might serve to free up some of the OF while hurting both France or Kinsler’s spots.

Garcia still has that LH bat that can be useful as a PH. Would have to see what other dominoes fall before making any cal.