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New Uniforms in Nine Days

Well the colors have arrived on Pads website.... need a day to get used to it 🙂

Big sale going on at Padres' store 🙂

No way I'm buying any of that ... bring on the BROWN!  I #WANT one of the yellow hats with swingin' friar!


Also, this is old (from June), but very interesting back story ...

Anyone know exactly when they will be revealed and how those of us not in S.D. can tune in?


7pm on Saturday is when the whole thing starts. I'm sure it'll be on FSSD, but I've gotta think that it'll be available to watch on, too. They want to engage as many people as possible.

10pm my time and obviously I don’t get FSSD.

Guess I’ll see it on Twitter and maybe be able to watch it on tomorrow morning.


Brown is Back!

I watched via ...


For me. This was a grand-slam with two outs in the ninth inning to win the world series. I was hopping for pinstripes, but the road pinstripes were more than I could have hoped for. Classic. First, the brown, now this. I couldn't be more pleased. Actually, I like the road pinstripes best of all.

Immediate response.....meh....

The collar on the pinstriped jerseys looks......sophmorish? The Padres font on the front of the white jersey looks odd.

I do like the brown uni that Hosmer is wearing.

I was really looking forward to this unveil.... maybe I built my hopes up too high?

Hopefully they grow on me.

Go Pads!

Elated, I've wanted the pinstripes since the Kemp mock. The Tatis mock sealed it. Glad they didn't go with the lettermark on anything but the cap. I was iffy on the sand jersey but they absolutely nailed it.

Going from

To do what they did was some actual courage and Padres brass should absolutely be commended in their willingness to go against their own trials and listen to the fans.

Those Kemp mock ups were awesome! I was trying to find them on the board ( I know I posted them....maybe it was on the old forum?)

Are they the same?