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Luis Urias

Quote from David Nevin on November 29, 2019, 7:18 am

Most successful "non" strikeout pitchers will look to be "lucky" because so many balls are put into play.

We need to add a good defender at 2b and the corner outfield spots(Renfroe good last year but real?).

I'm sure Davies stats would show a lot of "soft" contact as opposed to hard hit balls.

I think that's part of the reason AJ wanted him...pitching Davies right after opponents saw Paddack and Lamet could prove troublesome for their hitters.

Mixing a soft tosser,as long as he's an effective one,in between hard throwers can certainly be effective.



Sort of the Barrolo Colon circa 2015/16 when we would go in a week long slump after facing his 65 mph slurve and 85 mph fastball.. Just kills a batters timing going Paddack/Davies/Lamet can have batters so off balanced it could be fun

Until the season starts .... I going to hype Davies as the steal of the winter for the Padres ... then hopefully continue afterwards. Consider of the past 4 years pitchers:

>500 innings ... Davies ERA was 3.95 which ranked him 35th out of only 74 pitchers with > 500 innings

BUT there is more:

AWAY ... > 250 innings ... ERA of 3.23 which ranked him 10th out of 66 (that is outstanding)

At MILLER ... > 250 innings ... ERA of 4.50 which ranked him 68th out of 80 (not outstanding)

Davies (a bit of a fly ball pitcher) moves out of Miller Park (a HR haven) to PETCO (a pitcher's park with HR depressing marine layer) .... that has a very good chance to move Davies into one of the more productive SP in MLB.