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Luis Campusano

Now an 8 game hitting streak for C Luis Campusano. Average up to .556

catcher Luis Campusano was placed on the 7-day DL after taking a foul ball to the mask last night. Listed as a head contusion. A.J. Kennedy takes his place in the roster.

This kid HAS to be moving up the prospect rankings ... from today's DFR ...

Catcher Luis Campusano picked up where he left off, as the backstop had two more hits. The 20-year-old backstop is hitting .340/.403/.434 in June, although he hasn’t homered this month. The former second-round pick has shown outstanding plate discipline and continues to make strides defensively.

We have so much depth at Catcher in the system that I really think Mejia may be best suited for us being traded.

I “really” hope he hits in the majors so we can have that choice.

No matter how good Hedges is defensively he will never bring back much in trade without a better bat.

Whereas the opposite is true with Mejia.

Allen,Mejia,Campusano,Torrens,Hunt,and newly drafted Driscoll.

Someones getting traded and I don’t think it’s Hedges.



Hedges won't bring much back, but you're freeing up 1, 3, 5m over the next 3 years. There's also some growing concerns about his game calling and pitch usage. Which if they're obvious to laymen they're obvious to the organization that has to pump his defense to quell the fanbase about his offense.

As for Campusano I think he holds up pretty well against any catcher in the back half of a top 100 list. Where he was getting high marks for D before the B.

Probably none get traded in the near term since in 2019 and likely 2020 the only discussion would be around Hedges, Mejia, and A.Allen. None ... by themselves ... would generate a return to get excited about. Best option is inclusion of one (likely A.Allen) in a trade.

Mejia just has way too much upside ... and actually may be the best 2019 option ... and is likely the one they work into the line-up.

Hedges clearly is on the down slope and on a trajectory of a defensive minded back-up ... but he is for now a key clubhouse contributor which may give him the edge over A.Allen.

Allen still has much to prove offensively and defensively so maybe not ready to bump either of the other two to make room for him.

Campusano will likely be a real factor in 2022, so no hurry to factor him in yet. I would not be surprised to see Campusano make the Top 100 list when it is revised later in the year. A very young catcher in high A hitting near the top of the league for average is worthy.

It would not surprise me to see Torrens in the back-up role for the Padres in 2021.

12. Luis Campusano, C, Padres
Team: High Class A Lake Elsinore (California)
Age: 20
Why He’s Here: .400/.464/.680 (10-for-25), 4 R, 1 2B, 0 3B, 2 HR, 5 RBIs, 3 BB, 0 SO

The Scoop: As the season wears on and the Campusano keeps smoking baseballs, California League pitchers are openly naming the young catcher as the hitter they fear most in the league. Campusano furthered his lead in the California League batting title race with another big week that included four straight multi-hit games, and amazingly he did it without striking out a single time in 28 plate appearances. Campusano is swinging to do damage while not chasing, resulting in an intimidating at-bat that leaves pitchers little room for error. (KG)

Didn't see this posted so here we go:

This kid's in line for a sizable bump in prospect rankings next season. I'm really excited about our lower levels right now overall, but he and CJ Abrams specifically have me energized going into 2020.

I saw him in person a couple of weeks ago. Swing looked long to me. Not a quick release behind plate. Guess we'll see how I am as a scout!

BA sez (perhaps after seeing Friartuck's "scouting report" :-)) ...

Tim (Riverside):

    Is Luis Campusano a top-5 C prospect in the minors at this point?

Kyle Glaser: He's making his way up the list, that's for sure