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Hudson Head

$3 million. For a third-round pick. That has never been done before. Yet, that is exactly what a third-round prospect chosen by the San Diego Padres received in the 2019 MLB Draft. His name, of course, is Hudson Head and he has been one of the biggest risers when it comes to recently drafted prospects. He might even be the biggest riser in all of baseball when it comes to his prospect stock.

Does he stay in CF? Do his skills play in either corner spot?

And where will he be this season- Elsinore at any point? Or Fort Wayne or Tri City?

Quote from WindsorUK on March 11, 2020, 3:14 pm

Does he stay in CF? Do his skills play in either corner spot?

And where will he be this season- Elsinore at any point? Or Fort Wayne or Tri City?

At this point Trammell, Head, Rosario, Olivares and Mena all look like they have the skills to play CF and are all Padres top 25 prospects. Out of those 5, Head and Mena seem to have the most rounded overall skillsets with the bat, arm, speed and defensive  chops to play any OF position. Head may need to develop a bit more power if he wants to be an above average corner OF, but that should come in time.

He's got plenty of athleticism for center, but the speed is only above-average, not plus. How the speed/strength trade-off develops as his body matures will shape the long-term answer to whether he can stay.

Likewise, while the bat already has some lightning in it, I wouldn't expect a lot of over-the-wall power this year out at Fort Wayne, but there could be some to follow. A full year at Low-A seems by far the most likely path for him.

Thanks for the information guys.

Sounds like we have a nice group of OF in the system at last.

Trammel( outside of Naylor, who should be a 1B, and Cordero) appears closest to see MLB this year, with Olivares hopefully ready next year. And the rest of the kids soon to follow.

Exciting time to be a Padres fan.


Here's what fangraphs has to say ...

The pitching he saw in the AZL was the best he’s seen in his entire life, and Head not only allayed concerns about that competition-quality chasm by hitting .283/.383/.417, he also occasionally did some freaky, elite stuff that got me very excited about his prospectdom. Head is ambidextrous, and swings and throws a baseball with his left hand but quarterbacked primarily with his right, occasionally using his left when he rolled out that way. For someone with so little high-level experience, his bat control is remarkable. A pronounced arm bar caused him to be late on some of the good velo I’ve seen him face but Head’s feel for opposite field contact enabled him to strike those pitches with authority anyway. I think he needs polish from a mechanical standpoint, but there’s rare natural bat-to-ball proclivity happening here. There’s also much more measurable power than I would have guessed — Head’s exit velos last summer were more akin to those of heavy-hitting corner guys his age than someone who looks like a wiry leadoff sort. Still a high-variance prospect because of his short track record of hitting, Head has a shot to be a leadoff-hitting center fielder, an above-average regular.

I think he is going to take a while to get to San Diego. I don't see that arm bar swing working in the majors. They are letting him keep it for now and I think it will stay until he stops hitting at the upper levels. At that point his swing will need to be reworked. Tons of bat speed and talent though!

re: Instructional League

2019 third-rounder Hudson Head’s (No. 9) persisting hamstring issues barred him from picking up at-bats until the final week.