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Francisco Mejia

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I remember stories about Mejia's suit against BLA ... now dropped ... here's recap ...

Michael Schwimer on Francisco Mejia and the Future for Big League Advance

I think the settlement and apology is a good thing ... shows a maturity by Mejia ... play ball!

I personally feel like these types of agreement are shady as all hell. They take advantage of kids who haven't necessarily lived very comfortable lives in Latin America, who might not appreciate the true value of a dollar or the long term ramifications of their decision, and give them a small lump sum advance in exchange for a considerable percentage of their ENTIRE career earnings. I think ultimately we'll see a suit like Mejia's fought to an ultimate conclusion, and it may not come out favorably to the agencies handing out these types of deals.

I agree SW. Well said. It's sad that these agencies even exist. Mejia got f'ed by this agreement. I believe his mother  needed medical help at the time he was offered this.  Really sad. I really hope these asshats get theirs.

Francisco's development seems KEY / HUGE to the Padres' chances of success in the 2020s ... can be a big BOOM ... or a big BUST ... I know which one most of us think (ie. fear) will happen ... seems like we've been down this road before ... I'm optimistic ... but it may just be that I'm (still) hopeful ...

Ray (The internet): 

    In your Mad Friars interview, you listed Tatis, Urias and Naylor as potential impact bats in the organization but not Mejia. Did he slip your mind or do you not think he is a potential impact bat?

Kyle Glaser: Mejia is probably the top 10 guy I feel least confident on being an impact bat, because his plate discipline and "swing at everything" mindset aren't conducive to it. I think the tools are there. I don't know if the approach or desire to put in the work to change the approach are. If we look back in five years and Francisco Mejia is hitting .300 with 30 doubles a year and is the best-hitting catcher in baseball, I buy it. If we look back in five years and he's an up-and-down catcher who hits .211 in his callups with a 33 percent K rate, I buy it. His range of outcomes is so much higher than the others. The skills are there, it's going to be up to him, after he experiences failure, to make the changes needed to succeed in the majors.

BP's Tale of the Tape – Dynasty: Francisco Mejia vs. Danny Jansen

Bottom Line: Winner: Jansen

A good Q&A at FanGraphs ...

Shaun: Why would the Padres trade high for Mejia and then not let him play? Makes no sense and a waste of a trade of Hand. 

Brad Johnson: As a team, you’re constantly evaluating your resources. And you tend to get a surge of information only after you’ve acquired a guy. 

Brad Johnson: I think perhaps they didn’t realize Mejia’s limitations. I have no question Hedges is a better all-around catcher.

Given the recent history of due diligence by the Padres on evaluating prospects I think the knew what they were getting. Mejia's profile was pretty well established as a major PROSPECT with defensive shortcoming but bat speed that could make him an elite hitter. He did not make the Top prospects lists without a ton of scouting.

Is Hedges a better "all around" catcher now ... probably. However, they bought a prospect with projection and in 2 years will that be the same? Hedges is a poor hitter and that is not going to improve ... Mejia is a poor hitter now but has the potential to be the better hitter. Hedges is billed as an elite defensive catcher ... Mejia has the better throwing arm and is dedicated to improve defensively. Padres went for the future (not today).

Companion thought ... in MLB today catchers are not 140 game + players ... so the thesis of one vs. the other is flawed since to keep the team's catching at a high level for a full season they need to deploy the two catcher approach ... hopefully both ML quality. Padres are deploying both in sort of a 60/40 split based on their internal analytics.


Disagree with Brad Johnson.

There is no player on the Padres I am more "sick of" than Austin Hedges.  I am getting tired of hearing how his superlative game calling, framing, "defense", etc more than make up for his .207 BA .258 OBP in almost 1,000 P.A. in MLB.  This on a team dead last in OBP every year last 3.   What Hedges does is hit one HR every 2 weeks, and literally nothing else at the plate.   He starts extremely slowly every single year, SOMETIMES heating up in the Summer.

I feel like the announcers, coaches, pitchers, players (i.e. long time teammates & friends), and fans "Rave" about everything he brings... but by exclusion are simply not being honest in the evaluation of his 'offense', or holding him to the same minimum standard every other position player is. I SWEAR there is a Hedges "bias".  If Hedges had caught Paddack's 1-0 shutout win a while back there would have been tons of praise & credit to Hedges "game calling & framing".... since it was Mejia, Paddack literally got 100% of the credit.

No one seems to consider the very real possibility that Austin Hedges ceiling is as the "best" #2 Catcher in MLB:  70 Defense & Framing, 65-70 Arm/Release, 55 Power (for position), 45 Run, 30 Hit/OBP.

Mejia may have defensive "limitations" partly due to lack of playing time & being moved off the position by the Indians.  I'm not saying he will be better than Hedges, but projecting:   75-80 Arm/Release, 50 Hit/OBP (maybe 60 Hit/40 OBP-too aggressive), 55 power, 45-50 Run, 45-50 Defense & Framing.

I say if Hedges isn't > .200 by end of May, playing time needs to flip flop to 60-65% Mejia.  It's getting hard to argue that his UPSIDE is not better than Hedges at this point, as a 23 y.o. Switch Hitter with great bat to ball skillset in <150 MLB PA over 3 seasons vs. 26 y.o. with a constant below average hit tool in 1,000 MLB PA over 5 seasons.


I sort of agree on your assessment of Hedges. As I recall, while he was moving up the in the minors, I compared him to Jeff Mathis from 10 years earlier. Both came out of HS with the tag they could catch in the majors immediately but needed to refine their hitting as both were lacking in that skill. Their minors at that point look similar.

Jeff Mathis has had a long career as an elite defensive first BACK-UP catcher .... that is were I see Hedges going.


Actually in watching Mejia catch this season ... looks a lot better than his reputation defensively. Could that be the product of focused work by the Padres' staff and his dedication? He is the upside maybe without a reduction in current value. Going 50/50 in 2019 will allow them to monitor Mejia's development both offensively and defensively then the real gut check is in 2020.

After watching many games this year, my evaluation of Mejia's catching ability is going down. I really dislike him behind the plate at this time. He moves too much, he drags his glove too much out of the zone after catching the pitch, and is more of a distraction to the umpire than a benefit to the pitcher. And the blocking has been atrocious. Love the arm, and I think the bat will come around. I think he can become an above average catcher still, just needs a lot of polishing. I think he needs to be in EP catching everyday and maybe bring in a veteran, polished, retired Latin catcher to work with him. Maybe a Carlos Hernandez type. I just want to polish/tone down some of his more quirky movements.

From today's DFR ...

Making his first rehab start of the year, C Francisco Mejía homered in his first at-bat. Mejía, who hit the Injured List on May 11, ended up going 2-for-3 on the day before giving way to Chris Stewart. The talented switch-hitter will likely be given an extended rehab stint to try to find a groove before he returns to the big league club.

From today's DFR ...

Francisco Mejia hit his fourth home of the year, per Chihuahuas’ announcer Tim Haggerty it was an estimated 507-foot blast.