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Francisco Mejia

"Mejía had an .866 OPS after the All-Star break in ’19"

... which is the primary point Jason makes above 🙂

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Hedges was robbed.

To be honest MrP. kinda glad he was robbed on the award. Maybe this will make him realize that he has to be less of a one way player, especially on a team starved for offense such as SD. Cant win a gold glove when you are sitting on the bench.

I think he knows his offense is an issue.

Unfortunately knowing doesn't necessarily equate to improving.

Hitting that round ball with a round bat is pretty hard with the best in the world tossing it at you all sorts of ways!


Totally get what you are saying MrP, and I understand how difficult it is to hit a baseball. However with Hedges, what bothers me is that interview late in the season where I paraphrase, "My defense is basically the only thing needed for me to be the starting Catcher." In my mind, it showed a lack of concern on his part to improve his bat. I appreciate that he has honed the defensive aspect of his game to the level that he has. And by definition, that should win him the defensive award, the Gold Glove. However, in this day and age, being the best defensive catcher is not what it used to be, and writers now take in account both sides of the ball when it comes to awards. Add that with our desire to see our team play in the post season again, Hedges needs to start working on the other side of his game, and become a complete player. Then the accolades will come. Hopefully this, along with the threat of reduced playing time, will motivate Hedges to at least get to a .225/.275 BA/OBP line. If he can do that, then his power IMO becomes a bonus to what he does behind the plate.

I truly believe that if he applied himself, a .25o BA with a .290 OBP is totally within his level of ability. Then with his defense and power, he is an All Star. And that is what I want for him and SD.

I'm with Booster on this.  Hedges P*** ed me off when he said that.  Maybe if he wasn't BY FAR the worst offensive Catcher in MLB; a position where offense is secondary.   He was the entitled/enshrined starter in SD since Pads traded Grandal; this was the first year anyone has remotely "pushed" him.   He said something similar in the offseason; paraphrasing "I'm underrated as a hitter b/c of my elite power at the position"?  100% defensive, no acknowledgement he needed to change/improve!

Contrast his attitude about this to Renfroe who had multiple injuries and NEVER once said one word about it, even though it clearly negatively affected his performance to the point where people are saying cut/trade him (which is idiotic).  One handled his situation as a true pro; even though he had reason to blame his injuries, he didn't.  The other has yet to look in the mirror and say these words:

"My defensive abilities at C are elite in MLB.  I do NOT need to work on them.  My offensive approach HAS NOT WORKED FOR MY ENTIRE MLB CAREER.  I NEED TO ANALZYE IT, AND WORK ON WHAT I CAN TO DO A BETTER JOB TO HELP MY TEAM WIN, NOT FOCUS ON HITTING AS MANY HR AS I CAN TO BOOST MY ARB $$."   Great U-T column in Summer pointed out how Hedges & Myers were giving away much of their inherent advantage in AB vs LHP by never changing their approach.  I at least get Myers not changing his approach, b/c when he "finds" his swing he is an elite offensive MLB player.  But if you're Hedges, why NOT try something different....   I literally don't get it.   Not asking for .300 ... .280 ... or even .260...  .225 would be fine with everything else he brings; .240 = fantastic & he wins GG.

I get what Booster and Brian were saying about Hedges and his attitude. I just think he got naturally defensive. When an older guy/girl is looking at getting replaced by someone younger and prettier(Mejia), they tout their pluses like experience and defense and minimize their deficiencies.

Competition should be good for them. If Hedges wants to keep his job, or have any job, he will need to work his butt off on his hitting. He knows now if he doesn’t hit, he doesn’t play. If we keep a the worst hitter in baseball on the team just for his defense at C, that should also send a message to Mejia. AJ saying he was looking to trade for a C may have been a shot across both Mejia’s and Hedges bow. “If you expect to be our future catcher and get a contract that pays you as such, you have to be able to play both OFFENSE and DEFENSE.

G4 (Milwaukee):

    Not technically a prospect question, but 300 ABs in, what's the revised outlook for Francisco Mejia? Your gut, do you think he'll fulfill his top 50 prospect potential within the next 2-3 years. Thanks!

Kyle Glaser: I'm always happy to answer big league questions. Keep them coming. The good thing with Mejia is we saw that even with his free-swinging ways, he can still hit .260+ in the majors. (And that number was a lot higher once he actually started getting consistent playing time). That was the question on his bat, how much the free swinging would hamper him, and he showed his hand-eye coordination and natural hitting gifts are good enough to overcome it. Now, whether he fulfills that Top 50 prospect status will be determined by how he grows as a catcher. There are still a lot of improvements to be made there.