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Fernando Tatis, Jr

Tatis now qualifies.....has a higher OPS and SLG% than anyone not named Yellich/Bellinger/Rendon in the NL.

Trout and Nelson Cruz the only ones higher in the A.L.




Quote from David Nevin on August 12, 2019, 7:15 am

Tatis now qualifies.....has a higher OPS and SLG% than anyone not named Yellich/Bellinger/Rendon in the NL.

Trout and Nelson Cruz the only ones higher in the A.L.




Insane. Ball driven of course, but he is becoming a beast. had an interesting poll of their writers (they are not the real voters) on NL Rookie of the Year ... about 45 writers.

Alonso is ahead of Tatis by a slim margin although Tatis had more 1st place votes (used the 5 - 3 - 1 point structure).

I am guessing Alonso was firmly #1 or #2 on most (if not all) the ballots. The issue (for Tatis) may be the writers who really like Soroka (SP for ATL having a great season for a 22 year old) he got 4 1st place votes and bet a lot of 2nd place votes dropping Tatis to 3rd on their ballots. Then Paddack and Bryan Reynolds got some votes taking something from the top 3 vote getters ... most likely both Tatis and Soroka.

6 weeks still is a lot of time (plus it is different voters) ... so maybe still a coin flip.

I've gotten so excited about Tatis showing the rest of the country how good he is and winning this award that I fell like I'm living and dying with every one of his AB's.

I will stay up a half hour later well into the early morning if he is due to come up soon.

I feel like a kid rooting on my childhood hero or something.

I so want him to get 2 hits a game and even find myself rooting "against" Alonso even though,as a Gator,I drafted him in almost all of my Fantasy leagues because I expected him to at least hit alot of home runs.

But now he's just in the way of "my guy"!



Tatis pulled yesterday with a "tweek" in his back ... will get today off and tomorrow is an off day.

Always worried about "tweeks" in the back ... can linger. Padres may be prudent and 10 day IL Tatis if there is any doubt about it.

From ...

Fernando Tatis Jr. (back) is expected to be placed on the 10-day injured list on Thursday.

The club had been hopeful that he would be able to return to the lineup after a couple of days of rest, but that no longer appears to be the case. The star rookie shortstop did not travel with the team to Philadelphia and will undergo further tests on his ailing back on Thursday before a final determination is made. Luis Urias will continue to fill in at shortstop in his absence.

Now they’re saying he could be out for the rest of the season.



Hopefully just extreme caution with a muscle issue rather than something more long term.

Are we cursed?

I mean really.

We’ve had literally nothing for decades then we get Tatis and he gets hurt twice in a season he could have won ROY.

Now he’s shut down and we have 40+ games left to “enjoy”.

I’ve watched every game(for years) and will admit that I have been mostly interested in what FTJ is doing at the plate and in the field.

Now it’s “wait till next year” already in August!

I know no one player is bigger than the team.....but come on!


If he is out for the year, I'll have a SERIOUS bone to pick with the morons running the show that is Padres Baseball!

Why oh why can they just not come out and tell the truth?!?!? There are certainly various conditions that present themselves as MAJOR problems from the outset, and most of us in the general public( seeing as we've all lived a little) understand them. Stop saying " Oh, we'll just rest him for this road trip and he'll be fine when we get home".

I'd rather get rotten news then it be not so bad, as opposed to small tweak turns into ' He's done for the season'.