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Brown Uniforms

Ron Fowler says the Padres may return to the brown uniforms! How long have we been waiting for that!


Outside of some of the prospect's performances, this may be the best Padres news all season

A couple days old, but for those of you (like me) who found this to be news, here's the link!

While it’s yet to be etched in rusted iron, unless some other actual color falls out of a magical Crayola box, expect the Padres to be wearing brown uniforms come 2020.

Ron Fowler reluctantly admits it.


Makes me happy!  Go Brown!


Apparently it is now official.

The Padres have formally requested the uniform change for 2020.

I am super stoked about this!

I am hoping for a subtle brown like the original 69'-72' Uni's rather than the "in your face" 78' and 84' versions.




Not a fan, guess I am going to have get some blue swag before it goes away.

Love 'em!

Bout time.

Do we get the Swinging Friar back with the brown uniforms?