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#2020Playoffs what's needed

well is time what do we need to get from here to October next year... Keep in mind 26 roster spots and the new 3 batter rule for relievers the fact that not much help will come up in september only 28 spots with new rules..


I think we have to accomplish 3 things this off-season.. 1) Adding a Stud SP.. Via FA could be Cole or Strasburg. Type... Trade wise Noah or other similar type..

2) Trading Myers ..even if we need to eat part of his $$ and not get much if anything back ..this gives us some flex $$$ for 20band beyond

3) adding a stick from the left side.. Benintendi type control mlb young gun


Why didnt I mentiined the BP? Because we will have a lot better arms for it with + SP.. Recovering arms from injury and current influx of youth .. I am sure AJP will resign Stanmen and maybe loop and bring in an experienced BP arm but think just with the trickle down effect Strahm in BP all yr etc..etc.. BP will be a strength again in 2020..

A full season of Castillo/Munoz/Strahm in the BP will make a huge difference.

We need to add a high OBP outfielder.....LH or Rh I don’t care.

A full season with Mejia catching 65% and Urias/France? At 2b instead of Kinsler will also help.

Then of course we need El Niño to play 150 games in 2020.