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2020 Spring Training Thread

And now a Robbie Podorsky sighting!

Cubs announcers just said Ty France sounds like a World Cop score.


Quote from fenn68 on March 11, 2020, 7:13 pm
Quote from MrPadre19 on March 11, 2020, 7:05 pm

Love the patience shown by our hitters so far in this one.
Love the catch by Myers.
Love the great three innings by Quantril!


You must be getting the Cubs feed ... here we have the other game and Lamet has been strong out of the blocks. Profar makes an outstanding play on a slow roller to 2B. Cordero (who is playing CF) came to bat vs. a LHP and smashed (really smashed) the first pitch for a single up the middle to drive in a run.

Turned on the Mariners game just in time to cringe when Cordero hit the wall!

Cant wait to see Lamets’ 2020.

I predicted an All Star season so I love to see him dominating the Spring.


After tonight, they need to send a bunch of players down me thinks.

Bolanos, Morejon, Trammell, Wilson (minor league RP prospect), and veteran non-roster signing RP Barraclough have all been sent down. Still about 59 in major league camp ... quite a way to go.


Beginning to think Cordero's chance for the 4th OF slot is on the rise ... in part from his performance and in part by the performances by the other candidates for the bench roles. Plus, if Cordero makes the 26 man, may avoid a roster move to add a Lagares / Almonte which has a longer term benefit.

With it looking as though the Pham-Grisham-Myers troika will get the bulk of the the playing time and, for now, Grisham seems to be handling LHP so moving away from the platoon idea and the need for a RHH.

Cordero as a LHH who can play all three OF spots might in turn get balanced by RHH Ty France as a bench PH option and they get added to LHH Garcia and RHH Dozier on the bench (Profar primary starting 2B). Good balance.

An additional factor is the apparent development of Trammell (at least that is what is being hyped out of ST) ... suggesting he may be a ML factor (insurance) by late 2020.

Almonte and Lagares are just not good enough (or that much better than Cordero) to warrant a roster move. Naylor can't play CF (his future has to be really in question and another LHH). Oliveras has been sent down ... likely to play in AAA so should be poised for a call up if needed.


With about 12 days before final decision on the 26 man roster might have some indicators on how this will sort out for the 13 pitchers.

Yes, the back field (non-ST game) work is always a factor but with Munoz getting into only 1 ST game and Castillo none ... that slow walking them seems to be setting them up for minor league slot to start the season.

Then likely two of: Quantrill; Lucchesi; Perdomo make the squad and (baring a trade) does not look good for Perdomo (who has a minor league option). Note that I see Guerra a virtual lock to make the 26 man ... upside and ST performance and without a minor league option remaining.

Of the two(Naylor/Cordero) I think Naylor needs to play everyday and would benefit from consistent AB’s in El Paso the most as well.

He needs more work on his defense and the Padres would benefit if his trade value rises with a torrid start in that hitters league.

I would love to see a trade that involves Naylor and Perdomo....they just seem to be the odd men out right now.

Maybe one that even includes Lucchesi,Quantril or Bolaños.

Hopefully someone in the AL will need a back end starter and 1b/DH type on the cheap.