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YOUR All-Time starting 8!

Okay, I went through all 10 pages to see if we'd done this before here at MadFriars but it doesn't look like it.

So without further ado, here is my all time starting 8 for our San Diego Padres( you can pick any player from any era. And you can't switch positions! So either Gwynn or Winfield, not both!)

C- Benito Santiago. Dude was electric, from the throws down to first- from his knees!, to the jewelry dangling from his neck.

1B- Nate Colbert. Raw power not seen before, or since, in Padre brown.

2B- Roberto Alomar. Best 2B in the history of MLB.

SS- Ozzie Smith. Greatest fielding SS in the history of MLB.

3B- Ken Caminiti. His MVP season was just AWESOME!

LF- Gene Richards. Fast, solid hitter, and decent OB guy. Greg Vaughn was in the running as well.

CF- Jerry Mumphrey. He was only in town for 1 season but played GG caliber D, hit 300, stole 50+bags, and had an OB% over 350( Kevin McReynolds was up there)

RF- Tony Gwynn. I LOVED Winfield but how can TG NOT be your choice for RF? TG will ALWAYS be Mr. Padre!

C- Santiago (see WindsorUK post)

1B- Adrian Gonzales - I have to pick a guy with a .287/.358 career line over a guy who hit .243 for a career(Colbert). While McGriff was a little better at .284/.377, I have to give it to the local boy. They all had similar game power.

2B- Alomar (see above)

SS- Smith (see above)

3B- Caminiti - one of the best seasons I have ever seen from a Padre in 1996.

LF- Richards - gotta give it to the speedster with great defense and a .290/.357 career line who hit over .300 twice, never struck out more than 80 times and stole as many as 61 bases in a season.

CF- Steve Finley - yes Mumphrey had an amazing season in his only year for us with .298/.352 4-HR 52-SB. I will take Finley whose best year was even better at .298/.354 30-HR 22-SB and still have us great defense in CF. Plus he gave us 4 years of production.

RF- Tony Gwynn- does anything need to be said? Possibly the greatest contact hitter in the history of baseball. Definitely top 5.

SP- Jake Peavy - he won both the Cy Young and the pitching triple crown. Plus he was homegrown

RP- Trevor Hoffman- no words necessary


C - Benito Santiago

1B - Adrian Gonzalez - imagine if he hit in the Murph instead of Petco.

2B - Alomar

SS - Tatis - I'll go with the kid. Better bat than the Wizard and I think the D will get a lot better.

3B - Machado - I like Cami as well, but his great season was enhanced, I think all around the better player is Machado.

LF - Greg Vaughn - Still best HR season by a Padre.

CF - Finley - great combo of bat, power, run, and defense.

RF- Gwynn - only one answer really.

SP - Kevin Brown

CL - Hoffy - HOF

I REALLY liked Finley as well.

I just really enjoyed the Jerry Coleman team. Dudes running all over the place! I believe it's still the only MLB team with 3 guys with 50+ steals in a single season.

I'll give this a shot (toughest calls were 1B, 2B & cheating slightly to get Winfield into the lineup):

C. Benito Santiago over Terry Kennedy

1B. Adrian Gonzalez edges out Nate Colbert & Fred McGriff

2B. Alan Wiggins edges out Robbie Alomar & Bip Roberts

SS. Fernando Tatis, Jr. over Ozzie Smith (since he was really just a defensive player & speedster in SD)

3B. Ken Caminiti (unanimous MVP season) edges out Phil Nevin & Gary Sheffield (eventually Machado)

LF. Dave Winfield (cheating slightly as he was a RF mainly in SD, but could still handle the position) over Greg Vaughn & Ryne Klesko

CF. Steve Finley over Kevin McReynolds

RF. Tony Gwynn -- Mr. Padre, enough said.

DH. Nate Colbert/Sheffield/McGriff/Nevin

SP. Jake Peavy over Kevin Brown

RP. Trevor Hoffman over Rollie Fingers



From POV of started following Pads early 2000's...

C - Santiago, 1B- A. Gonzalez, 2B- Mark Loretta, SS - Khalil Greene for a year or 2...  3B - Machado.  A couple of plays/throws he made last year I've never seen ANYone make...  RF - Tony Gwynn, CF - Finley, LF - Have to put Dave Winfield somewhere

SP - Jake Peavy   RP- Trevor Hoffman

Just for fun:  All time 7-man bullpen!   Trevor, Rollie Fingers, Kirby Yates, Heath Bell, Brad Hand, Goose Gossage, Mark Davis... YIKES!