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Xavier Edwards

Quote from onlypads on December 6, 2019, 7:50 am

Me either.  Solid D, success at each level of exposure. Seems to just get better. OBP +. Athletic and fast. More upside than Urias IMO. I raised an eye brow with the Urias trade, but understood.  But it seems like we are giving up a lot here, and seems like we are selling low on Renfroe.

I thought he would be a key contributor in 2022-23.

With Arias, and the new kid Cronenworth we could have Edwards departure taken care of. Plus, it would appear that AJP likes Abrahms better at this time. Abrahms could rise quickly, and still arrive around the same time as Edwards. I'm bummed as well, like fast switch hitting players, but Pham is probably worth the gamble.