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Tingler decisions


Thought this warranted its own thread already for season long use .... 😉

What's everyone think about these decisons so far:  1) Leaving Darvish in, 2) Taking Snell out, 3) Leaving Stammen in

I did not like leaving Darvish in given that Tingler went to the mound.  If it had been Rothschild, different story.  Feel like "Tingler sticking up for his players" is kind of revisionist BS based on LUCKILY salvaging that game.

I totally agree with Tingler on #2 & #3:  Snell was already at 86 P & was taking 7-8 P/batter.  Goal was probably to stick to 90 max.  Leaving Stammen in was worth the risk, even though lost the gamble.  Already had "burned" him for today, might as well max the useage, and he had had pitched well.

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Glad you brought this up, Brian!

Last year really didn't give Jayce a chance to figure out how to properly use a pitching staff ( only 60 games, expanded rosters, DH, etc.).

I thought last year he just ABUSED the pen but then again, I didn't pay attention to what anyone else did so won't call him out on it.

But he CAN NOT use his pitching staff the same way this year. Our starters should be relatively well rested after last year's less than half season. They are our best pitchers- they'll need to get stretched out quick. We can't use 6 relief pitchers every night, like we did on opening night. No reason a healthy starter can't throw 200 innings over a 6 month season.

Hopefully Rothchilds will provide an experienced voice in Tingler's ear until Jayce gets a feel for what our staff can and cannot do.

We can't use 6 relief pitchers every night, like we did on opening night. No reason a healthy starter can't throw 200 innings over a 6 month season.

First sentence definitely true, but general consensus in baseball is that 200 IP for most SP is not realistic this year.  BUT it is true that they're all relatively well rested from a year to year standpoint, so maybe??

Think the general rule of thumb is leery of more than doubling last year's workload, which topped out at 80-83 IP, so impossible not to.  Since 2017 IP highs:  Darvish -201 in '17, Snell - 181 in '18, Musgrove - 170 in '19, Lamet - 153 in '17, Paddack - 141 in '19, Gore - 101 in '19, Weathers - 96 in '19, Morejon - 65 in '18

It's pretty obvious they're going to frequently go to 6 man rotation & maybe rotate the bottom 3 or even 4 (Paddack) guys...

.... oh, yeah... and stay healthy!

For an 162 game slate, "rested" is not as important as building "endurance" .. and a long term gap of pitching makes achieving endurance more difficult and has to be built up gradually over time.

I will go with the consensus that suggests SP (if good) go 150 to 180 innings max .... or 5 to 6 innings for a 30 start season. Add that this is the start of the season and pushing the arms may do more harm than good for full season effectiveness and the SP (if they don't break down) become ineffective for the stretch run / playoffs. Would add that Snell threw 86 pitches and Darvish threw 93 pitches ... and that is a lot out of the gate .... IF THEY were more efficient they may have gone longer into the 5-6 inning zone.

Padres built a pen for this scenario .... rather gamble with rotating 9 RP (and call-ups) and losing one or two than gambling with the #1 and #2 SP in early April.

The alternative logic was a full 6 man rotation ... SP go longer (6-7 innings) but make maybe 5 fewer starts. Looks initially that the Padres think using a 5 man rotation for 5+ innings (maybe with as spot starter as needed) will get maximum production out of the starting rotation (remember the dislike of the 3rd time through the line-up) and rely on a very strong offense to build leads and a deep pen to contain the game.

Way too early to make sweeping judgements ... but Darvish and Snell will have to be a lot more efficient to get to the 6 inning level in 2021.

... efficient like Musgrove!   Rolled through 6 IP with 3 H 0 R, only 75+/- pitches... but really no reason to leave him out there with team rolling.   Musgrove looked awesome, but Weathers was outstanding too.  Now you've got 7-8 guys available in pen today with just Weathers down.

so far only really disagreed with leaving Stammen in for 32 pitches.

I couldn't believe that he didn't use Caratini off the bench in the 10th. Generally speaking I don't like how hesitant teams are to use their catchers off the bench, but I get the logic behind it. However, in a situation where the game is over if you don't get the run in from 3rd, leaving him on the bench was ridiculous in my opinion. Mateo's always been a high strikeout guy. Pinch hit Caratini and replace Mateo with Marcano if he gets the job done. At the very least use him over Marcano with 2 outs. I was fuming at the end of the game.

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OK, this one might have been Jayce or it might have been Profar.  4th inning.  Hosmer on 2nd, Myers on 1st no outs.

Profar successfully bunts them over.... but he's the #7 hitter.  #8 Campusano batting .100 (did have the hit & RBI 1st AB) fails to put ball in play, so 2 outs.  #9 is Pierce Johnson who had just entered game & thrown ONE PITCH!  Now forced to burn BOTH him & PH; Pham who also strikes out... Leaving 3 PH including Caratini & only 6 RP's (no Stammen) for the rest of the way.

I just feel with the extreme weakness behind Profar there you let him hit.  He's by far your best chance at a rally there, and the P might have even worked around & walked him.  May have ultimately used the PH anyway, but better chance of EITHER at least 1 RBI or even worst case (Profar GIDP) maybe the silver lining of the pitcher spot not coming up & you can let Pierce go another inning.

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I didn’t get it either.

I guess they thought it could be a very close game and were betting that Campusano could get a runner in from 3B? One more run being important. I would not see it that way but ....

I mentioned this in the game thread.

I HATE giving up the out.

Unless the pitcher is up or the “winning run” is on 1st late in the game I can’t stand giving up an out to move a guy one base.

We already had a guy on 2nd.

Profar could have drove in that run with a hot......or,at the very least,still moved them over with a BB,an error,a ground ball to the right side...a passed ball/wild pitch,a long fly to RF,etc etc.

Bunting them over is an out and the best outcome you still don’t score the run on that play.

I may have felt different if it was Grisham with Tatis/Machado/etc up next....but even then I want Grisham swinging.