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Spring Training 2021

Twas the night before Spring Training, when all through the clubhouse,

Not a player was stirring, not even a club mouse,

The uniforms were hun in their lockers with care,

In hopes that Baseball Season would soon be there.

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With what will probably be limited travel from California, and probably limited tickets to ST games. I am hoping that there will be some smaller crowds and I can enjoy some elbow room at games this spring.

Physicals today.

Are any of the guys from Mad Friars like Ben and the others coming out to Peoria for some Spring coverage?

Is any one from the forum coming out to watch any games this spring?


Luis Campusano is in camp with no limitations.

Quote from hoffy51 on February 17, 2021, 4:06 pm

Luis Campusano is in camp with no limitations.

maybe no limitations in camp ... but my understanding is that his legal case is not resolved, so not totally clear sailing until the case is closed.

It will be interesting to see how the Padres use the players in ST games. Less games, no split squad games, maybe just 7 inning games but about the same number of players in ML camp. Would expect that the proven veterans will be handled as usual ... just get in shape, being with maybe limited game time.

Does that translate into less game time for the others in camp? Maybe intersquad games are more important.

Wonder if we see a lot of use of Abrams, Hassell, Means given there is not a lot of OF in camp? (Maybe some fan friendly TV exposure).

Do we see Abrams (post-Tatis extension) get that CF time? Do we see Profar get a lot of CF time? Do we see Kim / Cronenworth get OF time?

Remember the entire AAA squad is there as part of the camp:  more total players.  And there won't be the guys getting "sent down" as ST progresses.

I think what will happen further into ST is the "non-roster" guys might start playing games against other teams?  Normally they would just play other Pads minors teams/players, but can't this year.  They have to stretch out too for their season that's SUPPOSED to start with MLB (heard it might get pushed to May due to fan attendance).  Maybe start with short 5 inning games or something?

Nothing firm but last I saw AAA is ticketed to start about 5 days after the ML teams start but AA and below is expected to lag until early May with those prospects not showing up for ST until after the ML/AAA rosters clear the ST site.

70-75 players is about normal for the initial ML camp with that getting reduced as the minor league camp begins ... but also not unusual to have the ML team call up some players from the minor league camp near the end of ST just to be filler for games. All that will not happen this March. So likely the 75 that start ST will linger for the full camp and both the ML and AAA rosters need to get season ready ... probably a lot of inter-squad games for the pitchers.

Since there not a lot of position players in camp .... especially if you eliminate the veteran ML who will not be heavily worked .... the ST games may have a big focus on the  minor league players early.


Anyone know the FSSD Spring Training game TV schedule?

I know both the Angels and Dodgers are beginning their TV broadcasts next Sunday ... but can’t find any indication that the Padres will be televised then (or actually anytime that week).

Would think given the potential of the 2021 season, FSSD would be jumping to get them on TV ... and promoting the games to the hilt. Wonder if this void is because of the sale of FSSD from Fox to Sinclair Broadcasting this winter?