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Reginald Preciado

The Padres were out of the penalty box during this year’s international signing period which allowed them to shell out bonuses greater than $300,000. San Diego took advantage and signed shortstop Reginald Preciado to a $1.3 million bonus. The 16-year-old shortstop hails from Panama and despite his 6-foot-4 frame, he is expected to start at shortstop. Chris Kemp, the Padres’ director of international scouting and minor league field coordinator, had this to say about Preciado’s work in instructs:

“I’ve seen a lot of bat-to-ball. A lot of sixteen-year-olds struggle when they come over here; it’s rare to see a 16-year-old over here. He puts the ball in play. He took a couple of walks in game one and hit a hard ground ball to first. I think the thing that is most impressive about Reginald is just bat-to-ball on some 90-92 mph fastballs.”