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Reginald Preciado


The Padres were out of the penalty box during this year’s international signing period which allowed them to shell out bonuses greater than $300,000. San Diego took advantage and signed shortstop Reginald Preciado to a $1.3 million bonus. The 16-year-old shortstop hails from Panama and despite his 6-foot-4 frame, he is expected to start at shortstop. Chris Kemp, the Padres’ director of international scouting and minor league field coordinator, had this to say about Preciado’s work in instructs:

“I’ve seen a lot of bat-to-ball. A lot of sixteen-year-olds struggle when they come over here; it’s rare to see a 16-year-old over here. He puts the ball in play. He took a couple of walks in game one and hit a hard ground ball to first. I think the thing that is most impressive about Reginald is just bat-to-ball on some 90-92 mph fastballs.”

San Diego Padres 2020 Top 50 Prospects

18. Reginald Preciado, SS (‘19 Midseason Rank – 49)
Age: 16
2019 Highest Level: N/A
2019 Stats: N/A
Much like Perez, Preciado is tempting to dream on. A switch-hitting middle infielder who is already making tons of contact, he has a chance to rocket up lists this year as well. His swing is just a notch below where Perez is right now, but obviously, a lot can change in the next few years. Try to get one of these two guys when the price is low. ETA: 2024


Nathan (Phoenix):

    Thoughts on this year’s J2 class? Reginald Preciado?

Kyle Glaser: Preciado and Ismael Mena were both two of the better prospects in the July 2 class, and Preciado in particular made a big impression on the Padres player development staff during fall instructional league. There's a long way to go, but generally speaking the Padres J2 class is presently viewed in a favorable light.

Interview with Padres Senior Director of Player Development Sam Geaney

Infielder Reginald Preciado and left-hander Bodi Rascon are two players that had some attention around them but haven’t really seen.  How has their progress been?

Sam Geaney:  Towards the end of the year we made some moves so we could bring in some more of the younger guys.  One of them was Reggie, who doesn’t turn 18 until May.  He’s every bit of 6-foot-3 or 6-foot-4.  He’s going to fill out really well, a monster switch-hitter who can consistently put the ball in play.  Coming into camp I think really helped to speed up his development.

Reggie Preciado

Reggie Preciado warms up on the field in Peoria. (Photo: David Jay)

Bodi is a young talented left-hander but was not part of the alternate site or the instructs; we just didn’t have the room to add him.  It doesn’t mean that we are not high on him, we just didn’t have the room

The kid is getting some real good hype. Will love to see him actually playing over a season to see where he sits prospect-wise and development-wise.

I will be “interesting” to see where they start him in 2021 after developing him behind the scenes at the alternate site ... winter instructs ... winter ball? ... spring training. Maybe that is enough to drop him directly into Low A at age 18.

Low A should be “confusing” given the likelihood that the short season / rookie ball slots of the past become reduced ... not sure what that does to rostering low A.


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