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Padres vs Red Sox


I wonder how Lamet feels leading up to tonight’s start?


Well one out of three is better than being swept at home. Yates gave it up last night but was nails today and Joey gets a win.

The spy vs spy uniforms were different even though teams by rule are supposed to wear matching uniforms.....White Uniforms with Black Hats for the Pitchers on the Padre side. Was glad to see that pitching rules trumped uniform rules. 🙂

Here come the Dodgers.....Always a good time when these two teams face off. Hopefully the Pads can cause them some headaches

Go Pads!!!

At this point in the season looking for bits and pieces that create some future optimism.

  1. Munoz looks legit (at age 20) as a difference maker at the end of the pen.
  2. Perdomo actually looks good (and has for a some time) in the pen ... still young and settling into a RP role.
  3. Urias' defense at SS is quite good ... can't wait to see him settling in at 2B where his range / arm should even play up better vs. most other 2B.

Good win, cant understand why AG keeps thinking that putting in the closer in a tie game is a good idea. Its NOT! Should have taken 2 of 3. Im thinking a .500 season is out of reach now.